August 27, 2008


Went to KB chung hwa last Saturday for this 55th anniversary of Chung Lian School. I heard that the ticket was kinda pricey, about $120 each. I was actually asked to perform there with my dear friends as I’m a member of their association. But you know lah, all those homework and stuff. Anyways, it wasn’t as crowded as I thought it would be. I’d be going there again on the 6th of September to claim my “Bonus Price” muahahaha…

I did take a few pictures there… Sorry some of the pix are a blur coz I sat quite far away.

Left to right: Xiao Hui, Chen Vun, Li Voon. Aww… I miss em so much!!

Okay, I have to admit. I only recognize Teck kai from here. =P I think Rudny’s behind him though…

Leng Moi Xiao Hui at the front holding the fan and Kaeli behind. ^^ No idea who the aunties are…

These are the teachers who teach at Chung Lian performing Latin dance. I didn’t know Teresa is one of the teachers!

I know it’s a mess. Taken towards the end of the night.

Me and Shala on that night

Overall it was quite fun as I got to see some of my friends whom I haven seen for quite a while. Since Chinese New Year I think.

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