August 30, 2008

slash my wrist

I have now an official part-time job. I have one every year during the fasting month. No, there's nothing cool about it coz my job is to help my mum. sew clothes. -.- Eventhough i hate it like hell and dread it every year, i ain't complaining coz this boring job actually pays. muahahaha money money here i come! the more clothes you can sew, the more money you earn. its a good thing i grew up around needles =)

I wanna watch the US open but there's something wrong with the damn astro. dammit. Can't believe that Ivanovic, world number 1 in women's tennis, lost in the second round. Embarassing eh.. I like Nadal quite a lot but I'd like to see Federer climb back to the top spot. =/ Its such a shame he lost in 3 of the 4 grand slams this year. Please please let him win this time. As if that'd help >.<

there'd be no GP class for us tomorrow. yay! means that i can go home at 11am.. hehehe (evil laugh) hopefully there's no assembly. its so ridiculous coz basically, we just went down and stood there in rows for 5minutes and went back upstairs. WTF man??!

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