August 22, 2008

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Three Rules to follow. No breaking or even bending of rules.
~ List 15 weird things / habits / little known facts about yourself
~Tag 10 people you know and they are to follow your footsteps and write their own list of 15 weird things / habits / little known facts.
~ No tag backs
1) I use my blanket upside down. I don’t know why…

2) I’m a lil’ afraid of bald people. Especially those shiny ones. They look like bad people =P

3) I never bite my nails. (Is that weird??)

4) I listen to techno songs when I’m pissed. With the volume way up.

5) My eyes are very unbalanced. One is higher than the other.

6) I once pierced my lips. I wasn’t me when I did it.

>7) I’m left handed but I use the scissors with my right hand. (The structure of the scissors gave me no choice.)

8) I never spent a day without music.

9) My dream is to go to China and shop till I drop.

10) I never liked studying and would like to start working asap.

11) I hate the football jersey.

12) I don't think surgery makes a person fake. It just makes a person more confident.

13) I am not a good friend. but i try to be one.

14) I drink coffee less than 10 times a year. (I've tried coffee+water. It wasn't as bad as I thought!)

15) I used to be the worst child a mother can have. I think.


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