August 30, 2008


I'm so happie today!! =)

First of all, I only have one hour of class today. Meaning one set, which is maths. Cool right? muahahaha...

Then we found out we have to change to other set. -_- coz Ms.Karen is going already. But then I found out that I need not change along with my other friends. Plus, my dear old old friend is changing to my set! MeiKei...heh heh heh... U better get ready for Ms. Tor!! She's gonna torture u guys like she did us!

Lol...anyways, went to seria to meet up with Sharon after that. So me, Shala and Sharon started out hunt for mobile phones and we found one decent one. Nokia 6120 which only costs $366. Buy tarus. hahaha Its for our dad by the way. He's turning 50 next saturday. Its a 3g phone and have 1gb. Not bad eh? White colour lagi tu!

Nice huh? looks very 'clean'. lol.

And today, I finally changed my template. I've been trying to change my template for years but my damn PC bah... so... yeah. I guess that's about it haha =D

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