August 31, 2009

Layd Fashion's blogshop

Warning: Another Girly post.

Hm… I seem to post lots of girly stuff lately and I’m not usually like that. Anyways I’m here today to help a friend advertise this blog that her friend had. Not exactly advertise lah… just introduce. I guess. Lol. I didn’t know how I’m supposed to do it so I’ll just chose whichever items that I liked the most from that blogshop and post it here. They had a lot of catagories to choose from, you know, and it took me quite a while to finish looking at them and actually pick the one I liked. Ah well, here goes nothing!


I know, looks more like a dress than a top right? But I think it’s pretty! :D Ah ah, here’s another one that I liked:

This one looks hot on the model, don’t you think so??

Couple T-shirts

Yah I know I’m single, stop reminding me! T.T Still… I think this one is the cutest =D


Okay I’ll have to say that I ULTRA love this one. The model looks so sophisticated. Too bad her boyfriend’s late! (Lame.)


I want this one… No, I need this one.

Hanging accessories, Belt & Hair Clips

Uhuhuhu this one’s cute! I’ve always liked this kinda keychains.

Earring, Ring & Necklace

I liked this coz of the violin and piano thingy. Music stuffs are always pretty! <3


Need I say more? It’s hot!

I saw this in the ‘Top’ section. No idea why it’s there but it’s nice and simple and it costs only BND 2.80 each!

And last but not least…


Wooo so sexy~ This model’s Victoria’s secret’s model right? Wow what’s with the ‘s? Anyways, she always reminds me of Emma Watson from the Harry Potter series. What do you think?

Alright, that’s about it. Most of the tops are less than BND 20 so go and check it out! (Photo credits: link)

Much Love, Shely

August 27, 2009

New obsession

Okay, I know you guys are probably bored of me posting all these girly stuffs. But seriously, this one is really worth it~! Lots of people are using these two awesome makeup palletes below. They're from coastal scents and are extremely affordable!! <3

This is Coastal scent's 88 piece makeup pallete and it costs USD18.95...

which is only...

BND 27.29! How much more affordable can it get?? I didn't include the shipping cost though... but still, cheap!

This one is the Ultra shimmer 88 eyeshadow pallete. I know it looks similar to the one above but it's not. This one is all glittery and shimmery. I prefer matte eyeshadows. =/ Still... it's only USD 19.95 which is like BND 28.73.

So anyways, check out Coastal scents HERE.

I went home from school yesterday after my Maths P4 (which is a disaster) and got bored as everyone went to Bandar for some personal reason so I did something I've never done before. Clean my room. :P hahah and look what we have here:

Woooohoo~ Clean tables! It was a real mess before and I can't bring myself to take a picture of it. Trust me, you don't wanna see the 'before' pic. T.T And it took me like 2.5 hours to finish cleaning it. Yes, just this tiny part!

They came back at this point and Shala bought me some stickers which I used to 'baby pimp' my notebook.

Look at the touchpad! Ain't it cute?? xD And the stickers didn't affect the touchpad at all!

This... How to explain this... lol... Shala bought this for me (Yes, for me. -.-") coz she saw me playing MouseHunt on facebook and thought that I should catch a real mouse so... yeah.

My phone looks crappy here. Haha... I think she secretly knows that her mummy's gonna abandon her soon for a better gadget. I'm so sorry baby but that's life! Dude, deal with it!

And look what the wind blew in today:

My contact lens cases! I really like the pink fish :D Oh and also the crystal lens. I've said this time and time again; visit Q4geo if you want these cute cases! xD

I was bored right (as usual), so I looked up some videos on youtube and found this amazing tutorial on how to do... this!

Uuu so cute! No, not me, I mean the hair bow! Learn how to do it HERE! It's simple, really.

Much Love, Shely

August 25, 2009

Undergraduate degree programmes

Think by ~y-u-k-i-k-o. link

So I've been thinking... a lot. About what I'm supposed to do after my A'levels. A part-time job is a must, coz I don't wanna laze around at home all day doing nothing except the laundry and the dishes without any income. Ughh... Nasty. How to live oh like that? Hopefully I'll be able to get a desk-job somewhere in Belait. Income doesn't really matter... it's the experience I want.

A friend of mine wanted to work at Guardian and I've been there recently and apparently they have vacancies! Good timing, sexy. Lols... I've read the requirements too and there it was: Minimum PMB. Pass lah tu... :D

Actually I had a lot to say about the degree programmes but I think I'll leave it first. At least until the A'levels are over. Oyeah, the AS June results are already out so... congrats to those who are happy about it and to those who aren't, you still have the Nov' AS to worry about. =)

Check out ITB's degree programmes HERE.

Check out UBD's GenerationNEXT degrees HERE.

I've got a list of Universities from UK, Malaysia, Singapore, US, Canada, Aus & NZ which are recognized in Brunei which offers scholarships to students. Copied them down during the talk at school. And most of their lowest requirements are at least an 'A' and 2 'B's. Sigh... why oh why is life so DIFFICULT to live?!?

Moving on...

I went for a stroll at Brunei's best online shop and guess what? They are finally selling BLACKBERRIES!! Oh, mommy love you little darlings so much! (Pets blackberry's ass) Anyways, the ones that they are selling are...

Blackberry Tour 9630 for BN$1117... but no Wireless. =(

Blackberry Gemini 8520 for BN$833

Blackberry Bold 9000 for BN$970

Check out Brunei's Best Online Shop HERE.

These three things above are the reasons why I've been thinking a lot and why I MUST have a part-time job! I know I know, I'm smart like that. :D Lolli-lolli oh Lollipop!

Much Love, Shely

August 22, 2009


Note: This is for the girls. ;)

I've been watching a lot of videos on youtube on make-up tutorials and I realised... we Bruneians are really pitiful, having to choose cosmetics from only the Body Shop, the Face Shop and several others like Laneige, Loreal, Silky Girl and the likes. It's no wonder why some people prefer to go overseas to purchase whatever things they wanted instead of trying to hunt them down here. You'll never find them.

Here are some which I'm really fond of but... you know the story. I think most of those below are either from the summer/spring/fall collection of '09.

P.S.: I really wanted this one! :(


I know, I know. Super CUTE right?!? :D


So, whaddaya think? Should I open up a store selling these in the future?? xDD By the way, so far, from all of those online shops that I visited who claimed that they are selling MAC products, are fake. I mean, the products are fake. So it's best to watch out.

Lucky for us, there IS one website which sells these cosmetics that I've shown above (except MAC, NARS and Urban Decay). Yes you're right, it's Acmamall!

Click HERE to visit Acmamall.

Much Love, Shely

August 19, 2009

Boys over what?!

I'm starting to watch korean dramas again and this time, it's 'Boys over flowers'. My first impression of it is that it's probably gay. And I'm right. Definitely a chick flick. I've watched the Japan and Taiwan version of it too, not that I'm that BIG of a fan. Still... The Taiwan version sucked the worst and the Japan version is probably the best among the three. Anywhos, Kim Bum still looked cute and that's all that matters.

See? Told ya. He's only 20! You got a long way to go, bro...

I'm actually kinda mad, coz I've still got like 5 papers left to go before this huge boulder on my shoulder is lifted. Ain and Fatin only got 2 left!!
I just realised that I can really draw! Damn I'm good. :P

Oyeah I went to Miri a few days ago, on that unforgetable night before my Maths and B.studies papers. I feel like I'm the worst student any tutor will ever have. =( Anyways that's not the point. The point is... I caught an awesome haul!! Is that how you say it? Caught a haul? Sounds kinda wierd.

1 dirty secret about this blogger: She always talks about wanting a Prada or a Blackberry but the truth is, she's broke! Yeah just like you are. (Okay, no offense.) So, what other choices does she has other than to look for... a BARGAIN! Yay~!!

Got these for $5! Forced my dad to buy it for me. Ain't it cute? :D

Cost me only RM20.

This one's given by my mum! Around RM 70... loves.

You won't believe this! Fuck yeah it's RM 9.90! I think I got it from Boulevard and this pair is one of those they wanted to clear off. Lucky me!

Much Love, Shely


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