August 19, 2009

Boys over what?!

I'm starting to watch korean dramas again and this time, it's 'Boys over flowers'. My first impression of it is that it's probably gay. And I'm right. Definitely a chick flick. I've watched the Japan and Taiwan version of it too, not that I'm that BIG of a fan. Still... The Taiwan version sucked the worst and the Japan version is probably the best among the three. Anywhos, Kim Bum still looked cute and that's all that matters.

See? Told ya. He's only 20! You got a long way to go, bro...

I'm actually kinda mad, coz I've still got like 5 papers left to go before this huge boulder on my shoulder is lifted. Ain and Fatin only got 2 left!!
I just realised that I can really draw! Damn I'm good. :P

Oyeah I went to Miri a few days ago, on that unforgetable night before my Maths and B.studies papers. I feel like I'm the worst student any tutor will ever have. =( Anyways that's not the point. The point is... I caught an awesome haul!! Is that how you say it? Caught a haul? Sounds kinda wierd.

1 dirty secret about this blogger: She always talks about wanting a Prada or a Blackberry but the truth is, she's broke! Yeah just like you are. (Okay, no offense.) So, what other choices does she has other than to look for... a BARGAIN! Yay~!!

Got these for $5! Forced my dad to buy it for me. Ain't it cute? :D

Cost me only RM20.

This one's given by my mum! Around RM 70... loves.

You won't believe this! Fuck yeah it's RM 9.90! I think I got it from Boulevard and this pair is one of those they wanted to clear off. Lucky me!

Much Love, Shely

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