August 31, 2009

Layd Fashion's blogshop

Warning: Another Girly post.

Hm… I seem to post lots of girly stuff lately and I’m not usually like that. Anyways I’m here today to help a friend advertise this blog that her friend had. Not exactly advertise lah… just introduce. I guess. Lol. I didn’t know how I’m supposed to do it so I’ll just chose whichever items that I liked the most from that blogshop and post it here. They had a lot of catagories to choose from, you know, and it took me quite a while to finish looking at them and actually pick the one I liked. Ah well, here goes nothing!


I know, looks more like a dress than a top right? But I think it’s pretty! :D Ah ah, here’s another one that I liked:

This one looks hot on the model, don’t you think so??

Couple T-shirts

Yah I know I’m single, stop reminding me! T.T Still… I think this one is the cutest =D


Okay I’ll have to say that I ULTRA love this one. The model looks so sophisticated. Too bad her boyfriend’s late! (Lame.)


I want this one… No, I need this one.

Hanging accessories, Belt & Hair Clips

Uhuhuhu this one’s cute! I’ve always liked this kinda keychains.

Earring, Ring & Necklace

I liked this coz of the violin and piano thingy. Music stuffs are always pretty! <3


Need I say more? It’s hot!

I saw this in the ‘Top’ section. No idea why it’s there but it’s nice and simple and it costs only BND 2.80 each!

And last but not least…


Wooo so sexy~ This model’s Victoria’s secret’s model right? Wow what’s with the ‘s? Anyways, she always reminds me of Emma Watson from the Harry Potter series. What do you think?

Alright, that’s about it. Most of the tops are less than BND 20 so go and check it out! (Photo credits: link)

Much Love, Shely

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