August 22, 2009


Note: This is for the girls. ;)

I've been watching a lot of videos on youtube on make-up tutorials and I realised... we Bruneians are really pitiful, having to choose cosmetics from only the Body Shop, the Face Shop and several others like Laneige, Loreal, Silky Girl and the likes. It's no wonder why some people prefer to go overseas to purchase whatever things they wanted instead of trying to hunt them down here. You'll never find them.

Here are some which I'm really fond of but... you know the story. I think most of those below are either from the summer/spring/fall collection of '09.

P.S.: I really wanted this one! :(


I know, I know. Super CUTE right?!? :D


So, whaddaya think? Should I open up a store selling these in the future?? xDD By the way, so far, from all of those online shops that I visited who claimed that they are selling MAC products, are fake. I mean, the products are fake. So it's best to watch out.

Lucky for us, there IS one website which sells these cosmetics that I've shown above (except MAC, NARS and Urban Decay). Yes you're right, it's Acmamall!

Click HERE to visit Acmamall.

Much Love, Shely

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