August 2, 2009

My guilty pleasure

Guess what? I renewed my Face Shop member card today! Anyways, the pretty salesgirl told me that today is actually the last day to renew the membership card by purchasing $29 worth of items, and by tomorrow it'll go back up to $39! Yeah how lucky can I get?!? So me and Shala scurried away to find the products we wanted and ended up with...

A pair of fake eyelashes, a volumising mascara, dual eyeshadow pen and also a sharpener. Total=Around $30 only~

And here's the new membership card! Personally, I liked the old one better...

And these are the freebies they gave, all in a goodie bag! ^^ Oh and also... a free PINK umbrella! Which Shala took.

This is the laptop skin I bought for only $5!! Loves~

Bought a pink leopard skin and tried it on my hp coz I don't love it that much anymore.

Shala bought this for me coz she thinks that it goes well with my blanket...

I actually wanted a pink one but once I saw this one... you know the story. :P Bought it at SL, 3 for $12.90 only~

Me and Shala at a Chinese restaurant

Went jogging two weeks ago at the hills behind our home. This sign has been there for as long as I can remember. Interesting right?!

Me and Sharon

Shala and Sharon attempting to jump while I took the pic. As you can see, Shala failed miserably. xDD LOL!

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