August 9, 2009

My Geo Contacts


Yes, you're right!! I've received my Geo Angel Grey and Nudy Blue today. Finally after days of daydreaming about it with my friends. They haven't got theirs though, coz they ordered kinda late... Another good reason to grab whatever you wanted from an online shop with stocks ASAP!!

I've mentioned before, I ordered these from Q4Geo at quite a reasonable price. So go ahead and grab yours today! Wow... I sound like some stupid business person. Wth... hahaha Anyway here's the contacts when they've just arrived:

The Nudy Blue

The Angel grey

I actually wanted to try both lens but I've only bought 1 contact lens case. =( Boohoo. So I only tried Angel Grey. Here's a close-up:

And here's a not-so-close-up:

I know what ya'll thinking... "Walaoeh who the fuck does this stoopid girl think she is ha? Make-up lagi ma! And even with that stoopid make-up, still look like shit la!"

Well, I wear make-up so that it'll bring your attention to my eyes, instead of like... my ugly skin or whatever. Plus, contacts are all about the eyes what! (First time I'm using 'what' in my life. Yay me!!)

Moving on... do you actually think a girl would only take such few photos?? Of course must try out the webcam too! Duh~!

Without LED light

With LED light. Wtf... look so fucking fake.

As usual, the longer you camwhore, the cuter you wanna act...

The common acting-cute pose number1: Puff up the cheeks

Acting-cute pose number2: Cute kitty. Feel like wanna kick my cat in the ass when I saw this pic. LOL

This one is inspired by Wonder Girl's So Hot!

So what do you think?? Q4Geo are selling at only $24/pair for the Angel series and you won't have to pay anything unless you've actually receive the lens! Plus you know what? These 2 pair of lens that I've just received aren't the only ones I ordered. Some of them haven't arrived but... I DON'T NEED to pay for them yet!! Even if I'm like, wearing them now. They told me that I only have to pay them when I've received ALL of my orders!


Here's the link:


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