August 16, 2009

Bored much?

Decided to update just for the sake of seeing something new on my blog. I went to Bandar again yesterday... and I know that some went to the Bridex thingy at Jerudong. I heard that the tickets cost only $5 for the last day of showing. Is it any good? Saw Mizi, Dex and the others at the mall too.

Sharon using Nudy Blue

I think there's something wrong with me coz' everytime I saw a 'hittable' tool, I felt like hitting someone. -.-"

Also... I ordered some Geo contacts. Again. And this time, it's gonna be Geo Angel Green and a pair of 1-tone contacts which is supposed to make your eyes big w/o the help of surgery though I think surgery will do a better job. :D It's about $22 each from... yes, kiu4geo. Mizi got his from Elegance eyes for $20 each coz he's a SMSAian. =.= Elegance eyes gave offers to SMSAians only. No fair!

Geo Angel Green

1-tone series: CK 107

I went to this website earlier to get like a pretty signature which I wanted to use at the very end of my every post. Don't know if it's good but hey... it won't hurt to try right?? Here it is:

Love much, Shely.

I think it looks too formal. Let me try again...

Love much,    Shely

Better? Or maybe this...
I think I'll use the last one. :)

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