May 29, 2011

Quote stickers

Hey guys.

So I've been trying to find the answer to Orchidrow's game for the past hour. It's a week long game where she asks 1-2 questions a day and if you are one of those who gets the most correct answers, you'll stand a chance to win stuff. Check out the website to find out more, though if you've only just heard of the game I don't think you can win now? Coz today's the last day of the game. :P

Remember the last time when I said I'll buy the Quote stickers for the wall?

Here it is!

I chose this quote bout dancing. They had one which says " Live well; Laugh often; Love always" but they ran out of those ughh -___-

Looks pretty big huh? :D

Now it looks small against my wall. Actually it's just right, the picture makes it look super small when it's not really. :P

Got a new backless casing for my iPhone! Far cheaper than what AV Electronics is offering!
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May 27, 2011

I saw a red lipstick...

Hey people!!

Let's jump straight into it, shall we? ;)

The Main character.

Trying to open my eyes as wide as possible like those Japanese girls in magazines lol

Caked on gel liner and also drew fake lower lashes with a liquid liner. It gets the job done quicker :P

I was surprised when I see this pic. I have a serious case of cross-eyed-ness fml

Some pink eyeshadow on the center of my bottom lip. Works like magic. :D
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May 24, 2011

My boy toy

Hey guys!

As you all know all UBD-ians are having their year end break and will only resume classes this August. I am no exception. Which means I'm currently enjoying my vacation as much as possible. But you know, we all get bored after some time and who doesn't need some fun every once in a while right?

Meet... my boy toy.


Okay seriously. *serious ass face*

Now that's more like it.

I've been wanting to try this colour out for a while now ever since I got it. It's one of the colours from the Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance Policy. My, what a mouthful. :O So I picked up a brush one afternoon and started painting... my face.

Here's what I came up with:

Close up. I somehow managed to take blurry shots even though I'm working with a Sony SteadyShot digi-cam. It's either me or the camera but I'm blaming the latter coz hey, I'm awesome. :D

Fish face! Haven't done this in a while... :P

My pedo smile wtf If you saw me looking at you like that, beware!!!

P.s.: Just kidding. I won't eat you.

Or maybe I will...

LOL. There, just enough excuses to post endless shots of myself. ;)

Some of the stuff I used.

Honestly, I won't usually wear something like this on my eyes out. But I dunno, maybe I should? :P

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May 22, 2011


Hey people!!

Has anyone of you watched the latest sequel to Pirates of The Caribbean? Well if you have, shame on you for not taking me along with you! :P Guess I'll just download it somewhere else... *defeated*

Me and Sharon went up to Bandar yesterday for fun, just the two of us. :D

Not wearing much makeup...

I haven't done a full shot in a while. And if you notice I tied up my hair in a ponytail coz I woke up that morning and thought ZOMFGG I'm not a teen anymore!!! Now I really have to act young and cute without actually being young and cute!!! *puke*

Anyone can look younger with a ponytail. Proof:

Right? Am I right??!

Finally renewed my membership card!! I'm probably the last person in Brunei to do so lol

Most importantly, I got THIS!!!
Behold, the current love of my life

Arrrghhhh!!! So purrdyy

Got this brown casing to match my bedroom's colour theme lol It's so cute!!

If you know me, then you'd know how much I wanted this since... last year? My sisters and dad became victims of my frustration, listening to me yap about wanting an Iphone 4 for almost a year so I'm happy for them now that I can finally shut up about it HAHA They are the awesome-est.
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May 19, 2011

Thor and Fast Five!

Hey guys!

Just when I thought I was never gonna watch any movies in the cinema anymore since I've been missing out on so many of them recently, a fairy appeared right before my eyes (facebook message from someone awesome) and grant me a wish of a happy day out with my friends! HAHA

We watched two movies coz that's just how we rollll.


I'm glad we watched this movie. *pedo smile*

HAHAAHA okay seriously, this dude is 28, is 1.91m tall and probably waxes his chest twice a week wtf. My point is, why he so perfect?!!

I totally just searched for Y U NO and typed them words myself coz I have nothing better to do fml

Anyways, Syeeda gave this movie a 9/10. I give it 20/10. Hehe alright, maybe 19/10 coz I think the movie's rather rushed when they're on earth and they could've chosen someone else instead of Natalie Portman. I don't really see any chemistry between the two... but his smile totally made up for it! nyahahahaha


I love this movie!!! This one is definitely worth watching! If I have to choose between Fast Five and Thor to watch ONE MORE TIME, I'd choose this! It's Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel!! How can you say no to these guys?!

Now that's what I'm talking about!! lol

The car chasing scene is surprisingly long and elaborate but not so much that you'll be confused as to what the hell is going on haha I think it made me stop blinking for a while too :O This movie looks very expensive to make! :P But totally worth watching over and over(?) again! Me thinks anyway.

Me and Ain! I initially planned to take more pictures but ended up only taking one! lmao

My main purchase of the day! Charles & Keith have some new arrivals and I just can't resist! Neither could the other two girls. ;)

I'm also finally done reading this book, Madelaine Wickham's Sleeping Arrangements. Turns out I like this book less than the other one. Probably a 6/10 for me. I kinda dislike the main character but it is.. again, a really easy read and I'd say it's perfect for a bedtime story. What I like about her books are that they don't have too many characters in each story unlike some other authors who like to bombard their readers with a bazillion characters. This particular one lasts me about 4 nights I think.

I'm currently reading Cecilia Adhern's The book of tomorrow! :)
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May 14, 2011

Wall deco

Hey guys.

Now that I'm at home all the time, I've been able to keep up with the latest episodes of everything that I watch. And I've downloaded Gnome & Juliet, Justin Bieber: Never say never, Harry Potter and the half-blood prince, No strings attached and of course, HIMYM!! All that I have to do now is watch em!!

Madelaine Wickham's The Gatecrasher

I've just finished reading this yesterday and as always, her books are very easy to read. I have no idea the name Sophie Kinsella is a fake name! I've also just realised that her books are based in the UK, as in all the places she mentioned in her books are in UK. So basically her characters are English. Madelaine's characters are older women, like in their forties. But it's still a good read!

If I were to give this book a rating, I'd say 7/10. Coz honestly, I don't like the way the main character think. Come on, she's a phony! :P I'm currently reading another one of her books, 'Sleep arrangement' or something. Let's see if it's as good as this one.

I just came back from Seria and I got this!

Wall deco!

It's just a simple one coz I'm afraid that my brain can't handle sticking complicated looking stuff haha Sharon helped, thank goodness.

Artist at work.

The finished look

This only costs me BND4.50! So cheappp. Right after that we went to the BND1.80 shop and found more there selling for only BND1.80! (shhduh) arrgh shoulda went there instead! *cheapo* I also saw them selling quote stickers which you can stick on the wall over your bed and they seemed really nice! I'll get those some other time :DD
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May 11, 2011

My first MAC haul!

Hey people!!

I'm finally reunited with the MAC products that I nicely asked (demanded) my sis, Shala get for me. HAHA It feels good to be home! :)) I didn't get a lot of stuff and have never owned any of MAC's blushes or powders so I decided to get them this time around.

The package. I love boxes with my name and address on em! :P


Mineralize Skin Finish Natural...

... in Medium Deep

Mineralize Skin Finish...

...in Gold Deposit

Mineralize Skin Finish...

...in Soft & Gentle

MAC Bronzing Powder...

...in Bronze Matte

MAC blush

...in Desert Rose

Another MAC blush...

...in Springsheen. Gorgeous!!

Like I said before, Shala accidentally bought another palette thinking it's in the list I gave her but it's actually not. I'm so lucky!! HAHA :P

Too Faced Insurance Policy palette. That's actually my first Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer!

So purrdy! I can't wait to try Boy Toy!

As you girls might know, Deseo had a 50% off on all clothings and accessories last weekend for Mother's day. I caught sight of these cute little pair of earrings and can't resist not getting em!

I think they're only BND1.45 after the discount!

I also got this vintage necklace. Omg it's gorgeous! They have a lot of these vintage styled necklace and I wanted to buy them before but most are about BND25 and I thought I shouldn't be spending so much on one single necklace so I never got any. But this particular one is only BND6.45 after the discount!! How can don't buy??!

I saw some T-shirts sold in Jaya Hypermart earlier today and noticed that they are from Forever 21! Lol How they ended up in Jaya Hypermart I have no idea but even the F21 tag is on them and they costs USD3.50! :P It's 'Made in Bangladesh' though, so I guess we're not the only ones wearing cheap clothings. wtff

Anyway, follow me on Twitter if you haven't! I get on there pretty much 24/7 and sometimes it gets boring coz not much people are updating! I'll promise to follow you guys back! Provided I know who you are of course :P


Okay. Bye!
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