May 19, 2011

Thor and Fast Five!

Hey guys!

Just when I thought I was never gonna watch any movies in the cinema anymore since I've been missing out on so many of them recently, a fairy appeared right before my eyes (facebook message from someone awesome) and grant me a wish of a happy day out with my friends! HAHA

We watched two movies coz that's just how we rollll.


I'm glad we watched this movie. *pedo smile*

HAHAAHA okay seriously, this dude is 28, is 1.91m tall and probably waxes his chest twice a week wtf. My point is, why he so perfect?!!

I totally just searched for Y U NO and typed them words myself coz I have nothing better to do fml

Anyways, Syeeda gave this movie a 9/10. I give it 20/10. Hehe alright, maybe 19/10 coz I think the movie's rather rushed when they're on earth and they could've chosen someone else instead of Natalie Portman. I don't really see any chemistry between the two... but his smile totally made up for it! nyahahahaha


I love this movie!!! This one is definitely worth watching! If I have to choose between Fast Five and Thor to watch ONE MORE TIME, I'd choose this! It's Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel!! How can you say no to these guys?!

Now that's what I'm talking about!! lol

The car chasing scene is surprisingly long and elaborate but not so much that you'll be confused as to what the hell is going on haha I think it made me stop blinking for a while too :O This movie looks very expensive to make! :P But totally worth watching over and over(?) again! Me thinks anyway.

Me and Ain! I initially planned to take more pictures but ended up only taking one! lmao

My main purchase of the day! Charles & Keith have some new arrivals and I just can't resist! Neither could the other two girls. ;)

I'm also finally done reading this book, Madelaine Wickham's Sleeping Arrangements. Turns out I like this book less than the other one. Probably a 6/10 for me. I kinda dislike the main character but it is.. again, a really easy read and I'd say it's perfect for a bedtime story. What I like about her books are that they don't have too many characters in each story unlike some other authors who like to bombard their readers with a bazillion characters. This particular one lasts me about 4 nights I think.

I'm currently reading Cecilia Adhern's The book of tomorrow! :)
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