May 9, 2011

How I spend Mother's day

Hey guys!

The family decided to come to Bandar on a last minute thing yesterday on Mother's day so they brought me along on their short (not really) trip to Bandar. Yay I get to spend Mother's day with my mom! It was awesome. :))

Sharon and me

Stephen the bro studying the menu

The bubbliest Ice Lemon Tea I've ever had. lol

Garlic bread! No kidding. It tastes horrible btw =s

Buttermilk Chicken nyum

Chicken again but it's very nom nom

My nom nom! Smoked chicken. Hey what's with all the chicken orders??! wtff

I hate it when Sharon poses like this. It makes her look 10...y- okay, scratch that. 5 years younger than me! hmph!

Hope you people out there enjoyed your mother's day as well!

P.s.: My MAC stuff arrived! Will do a haul blog post soon along with some of the stuff I got yesterday. ;)
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