August 30, 2011

The Body Shop: Buy 2 Get 1 Free (Eau De Toilette)

Hey guys.

So I'm sitting here in front of my computer with a red eye. I don't think it's contagious but I guess it'll be funny if you are able to catch it through looking at these words I typed wtf Don't worry you won't haha coz these wounds are self-inflicted. Funny story actually. I was using Johnson's baby's shower gel, the classic blue one and I decided to try putting the soap in my eye to see if it stings. haha stupid I know. Curious bah!

Anyway it stung like hell. No idea why but I guess it's partly because I still had my makeup on? haha sigh major fail.

Now, back to the fun stuff. :D

The Body Shop is currently having a nation wide sale and one of em is BUY 2 GET 1 FREE for their fragrances. I'm happy to note that they include a few of their latest fragrances which are 'Dream' and 'Love Etc'! I didn't get 'Dream' coz it reminds me of Kenny! :P

So how it works is that you choose 3 of the ones that you want and they will charge you the price of the two more expensive bottles. The cheapest out of the three you get for free. Still a good deal I'd say. :D

Moroccan Rose - BND32.90

"Offering a modern twist on a traditional rose fragrance, perfectly capturing the beauty and romance of Valentine's day. Featuring essence of Moroccan rose oil, this is an exquisite fresh fragrance that simply exudes feminity."

Cherry Blossom - BND32.90

"This beautiful light fragrance captures the romance and elegance of the Japanese Cherry Blossom with fresh and delicate floral notes on a fruity musk and sandalwood base."

Lychee Blossom

"Juicy lychee and guava blend with delicately floral magnolia, lychee blossom and freesia to create a sparkling fragrance with an energetic twist."

This one smells the sweetest but it's my favourite out of the three! It'll definitely take me a while to finish up but ah... who cares?! :P Go check out the sale if you haven't already!
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August 28, 2011

Laneige's Makeup Primer

Hey people!

I finally purchased Laneige's Makeup Primer recently in one of their branches at Kiulap and I'm in lahve! I've been trying to get my hands on this particular primer for months now, I believe since... more than a year ago now? But I've always put off buying it just because they are pretty expensive and I guess somehow I feel unattracted to its packaging which is really stupid of me coz for the amount I'm getting, it's a steal!

Laneige Makeup Primer [Sebum Control]

This particular one that I got is meant for Oily skin which I obviously have. They have another primer for Dry skin called [Moisture]. Doh. haha [Sebum Control] retails for BND42.90 but I bought them for BND34.32 coz they are having a 20% off all makeup items. For now. I think the sale ends either late August or early September, like all the sales that are ongoing. :))

Description at the back

It has a gel-like texture and my God when you blend it it's so smooth and velvety it just disappears and sinks into your skin and whichever part of your skin you decide to put this primer on will feel like a baby's ass, including a baby's ass wtf But if can put on your face la...... lol

One thing that bothers me is the smell of this primer. For one it smells really good! Like a fragranced moisturizer of some sort. But the point is it smells! I'd rather they come unscented coz I don't want to walk around smelling like a primer or something. I want to feel like I'm not using a primer but I can't coz the smell keeps reminding me that I am! You know what I mean??

I'd still vouch for you to try this primer out though. :D Even if you don't think you will buy it, try it out when you walk by a Laneige store! It really does make your skin silky smooth. I pinky promise! ;)
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August 26, 2011

Dating with Jessie :p

Hey guys!

Went out today with Jessie to the mall to redeem my Skin79 certificate. Really thankful to her coz she offered to take me there just for that! Waii you so naise??! (other than always threatening to leave me by the roadside, of course...) lolol

It's also the first time I went to Excapade with her so we found out what's our fav dishes there and turns out they are almost the same!

Salmon uzukuri looking like a pretty and delicious flower

Philadelphia Maki. I guess we're craving for raw meat wtf

Sesame ice cream recommended by the waiter. He said it's new. He should treat me for ordering it for his sake coz he swears its good. -___-

Funnily enough at that moment Otis texted asking for my recommendation on dishes at Excapade coz she's going there for her sungkai! Haha good timing ;p less than three you!

Really cannot ah. hahaha :P I looked so old standing next to her fml (I dono why so manyy tissues there?? lol)

Tadaaaa~~ loves!!!

I really like the set up of Skin79's store!

My fav section hah

The sales lady who layan-ed me was very patient with my questions on their products! I kept asking her what is this for, what is that for, what's the difference, how to use them bla bla bla and she answered with such ease its like she grew up in there! Awesome!

Of course must cam whore also la... since we're there already haha

Sneak peak of my goodies! love them all!!

Final Destination 5

Me and Jessie also watched Final Destination 5. When we first reached the mall we've actually decided to watch Glee 3D. Then when we reach the cineplex counter...

Me: Sure wanna watch glee ma? Dowan FD5 ah? Dowan ah?
Jessie: I dono oh.. Me anything one. hehehe
Me: Sure ma?

This goes on for about 15 minutes before we decided on Final Destination wtf haha It's not all bad, I think they are very good in finding creative ways to kill their characters off one by one.

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August 22, 2011


Hey people!

If you've noticed- yes I've been MIA quite a lot lately. This semester is really starting to pick up and my mind still in transition from holiday moods to super serious school moods. Whatever that means.

By the way, I won!

I'm so glad to be picked amongst two others for Skin79's face of the week for the 3rd week of August. Good luck to those who are competing for Face of the month! I feel so lucky already! I have yet to visit the store to claim my vouchers though...

Also I changed the blog's chatbox to shoutmix. Can't stand all the stupid spams I've been clearing out for the xxxxth time!

Be my neighbour at The Sims Social!! :D
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August 15, 2011

EOTD: Blues

Hey guys!

Was going up to bandar today for another week of school and Sharon offered to send me. Thought we're gonna shop but ended up watching a movie; Zookeeper. Don't watch it. :P I never liked talking animals in movies and this particular one is no exception. I had no idea the animals are gonna talk until the lion spoke and I can't help but groan. Oh God. ugh.

I tried the Revlon Photoready today in Medium beige and I think this shade suits me better. Golden beige is a tad darker... I've also been using MAC's MSF Natural to set my foundation and it works really well! love it.

I'm actually wearing blue shades on my eyes but you can't tell from the first shot coz well... of my eyes' shape :P

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August 12, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

Hey guys.

Can you guess what this is? ;)

YESS It's Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary Palette that Izzy and Shala kindly got for mee!! I'm so happy I could die. RAWR!!!

Okay so the story is like this... ;P I first knew about this palette through Temptalia and I saw the colors and swatches and everything and I knew I had to get it! I had to. lol So I did some research and found out that it's gonna be released in the UK in early August so when it's finally out I tweeted Shala to remind her to get it for me but kind Izzy bought it for me first! Yay hehehehe
I loveee these girls!! :D

Courtesy of Temptalia.com

Aren't the colors just super beautiful?! I've almost forgotten how to breathe when I saw it wtf I'll only have it in my hands in another month or two though, when Shala or Izzy comes back. I can't wait!!!


This morning I woke up and saw this tweet from Temptalia talking about the new Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. IV. wtffff

Courtesy of Temptalia.com

I have to say I was sort of pissed when I saw this coz it had 10 new shades in it!! Like wtf I just bought your new palette now you're coming out with another new one like a month later?! Eff you! hahah Then I saw the stuff that comes with this palette and saw the shades.

Courtesy of Temptalia.com

I think the colors on this palette are less appealing though. Thank God. lol :P Plus with the USB cord and audio cable and iPhone slot and all those stuff... I'm not really a fan. It's not like the box is not bulky enough already right. =/ Anyways, I CAN'T WAIT!! eeeeeeee~

Random shot of me and Lena!
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August 9, 2011

My everyday wearable

Hey people!

You know how when you go out sometimes and you're putting on makeup you always know which brushes to use and which eyeshadow you're gonna grab? I guess it's pretty much the same for everyone where we have that staple makeup 'look' that we tend to go for. Some just like to put on eyeliner and nothing else whereas some like to play up the lips. As for me, I prefer playing around with eyeshadows. :D

I normally use makeup on the eyes when I go to class. It's usually messy by the end of the day, but I still wear it. :P Most of the time I just use neutrals and browns though coz I'm boring like that haha Honestly I'd rather use makeup especially since I'm using 15mm circle lenses and if I'm wearing them alone without any makeup I'll look like a monolid alien wtf

Here's how I usually do my makeup before going to class:

I never use foundation or BB creams for when I go to classes just because my face is oily/combo and throughout the day it gets really horrible and stuff and... gosh I don't wanna talk about it.

So basically I just use sunblock. hee

Close up.

I used shades from my ever trusting Naked Palette! I seriously love this thing! I think I used Virgin, Naked and Hustle.

Maybe I should incorporate more colors next time.... challenge accepted!!! :P
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August 6, 2011

Little haul

Hey guys!

Went out for a little this week with some friends and I got some stuff here and there. Have you guys visited Holika Holika at The mall? I think it's pretty impressive how Holika opens up another branch so quick in Gadong. I guess the much anticipated hot spots in Brunei are non other than The mall and of course, Times Square. Though I'm pretty sure the Times Square we have here is nothing in comparison to overseas'.

Magic Pole mascara

I wanted to get this but ended up not getting it. I don't know why. I noticed that with mascaras, I never buy them even after months and months of consideration. Like the Lash Stiletto by Maybelline, I wanted that for more than a year and now that they are available, I can never bring myself to buy it wtf -__-

I think this particular mascara costs BND18+ or something. I will buy it. Someday.

Anywhos I got these three nail polishes. Those two on the right looks similar but I swear to god one is grey and another is a pastel purple!! Ugh I don't know why they look so similar here! Quality is ok. Some of the colors are very opaque and some very very sheer. So I guess it depends on which color you picked and what your preferences are. BND3.50 each.

Here's me wearing the grey one. TFS has something similar and I think both looks gorgeous! I love this color!! p.s. don't mind my ugly-ly painted nails coz I suck at doing nails GAHHH!!

If you don't already know, which I doubt, TFS finally came out with shatter lacquers! Seriously though, what's the difference between nail polishes and nail lacquers?! Anyways, they only have the black, grey and brown shatters. I think they call it the 'Crack collection'. Black and brown is nice. Grey, not so much. So I got the basic black.

Testing them in the hostel. Follow me on instagram!! :D

Another BB cream sample given by Holika Holika which I have yet to try.

I was at guardian and initially thought to get the Revlon Colorstay eyeliner, which is what I have been using for over a year now and have probably gone through five or so but then Lena recommended me the Crayon Liner by Maybelline coz it's cheaper, BND6+ incomparison to the Revlon's which is BND13+

Both are Maybelline's

I wanted to give the Impact Shadow Liner a try too since it is also cheaper than the Revlon's at BND8+. I'm okay with these sort of eyeliners, just that I get kinda lazy to sharpen them sometimes. =/ The crayon liner I think gives off a more intense black than the Impact Shadow Liner. Which is good coz it's cheaper. ;)

Also got another Revlon PhotoReady foundation coz they are having a sale and I was already thinking of getting a lighter shade than the one I had, which is in Golden Beige and is a lil dark for me now that my skin has lighten a teeny bit.
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