August 12, 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

Hey guys.

Can you guess what this is? ;)

YESS It's Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary Palette that Izzy and Shala kindly got for mee!! I'm so happy I could die. RAWR!!!

Okay so the story is like this... ;P I first knew about this palette through Temptalia and I saw the colors and swatches and everything and I knew I had to get it! I had to. lol So I did some research and found out that it's gonna be released in the UK in early August so when it's finally out I tweeted Shala to remind her to get it for me but kind Izzy bought it for me first! Yay hehehehe
I loveee these girls!! :D

Courtesy of Temptalia.com

Aren't the colors just super beautiful?! I've almost forgotten how to breathe when I saw it wtf I'll only have it in my hands in another month or two though, when Shala or Izzy comes back. I can't wait!!!


This morning I woke up and saw this tweet from Temptalia talking about the new Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. IV. wtffff

Courtesy of Temptalia.com

I have to say I was sort of pissed when I saw this coz it had 10 new shades in it!! Like wtf I just bought your new palette now you're coming out with another new one like a month later?! Eff you! hahah Then I saw the stuff that comes with this palette and saw the shades.

Courtesy of Temptalia.com

I think the colors on this palette are less appealing though. Thank God. lol :P Plus with the USB cord and audio cable and iPhone slot and all those stuff... I'm not really a fan. It's not like the box is not bulky enough already right. =/ Anyways, I CAN'T WAIT!! eeeeeeee~

Random shot of me and Lena!
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