August 28, 2011

Laneige's Makeup Primer

Hey people!

I finally purchased Laneige's Makeup Primer recently in one of their branches at Kiulap and I'm in lahve! I've been trying to get my hands on this particular primer for months now, I believe since... more than a year ago now? But I've always put off buying it just because they are pretty expensive and I guess somehow I feel unattracted to its packaging which is really stupid of me coz for the amount I'm getting, it's a steal!

Laneige Makeup Primer [Sebum Control]

This particular one that I got is meant for Oily skin which I obviously have. They have another primer for Dry skin called [Moisture]. Doh. haha [Sebum Control] retails for BND42.90 but I bought them for BND34.32 coz they are having a 20% off all makeup items. For now. I think the sale ends either late August or early September, like all the sales that are ongoing. :))

Description at the back

It has a gel-like texture and my God when you blend it it's so smooth and velvety it just disappears and sinks into your skin and whichever part of your skin you decide to put this primer on will feel like a baby's ass, including a baby's ass wtf But if can put on your face la...... lol

One thing that bothers me is the smell of this primer. For one it smells really good! Like a fragranced moisturizer of some sort. But the point is it smells! I'd rather they come unscented coz I don't want to walk around smelling like a primer or something. I want to feel like I'm not using a primer but I can't coz the smell keeps reminding me that I am! You know what I mean??

I'd still vouch for you to try this primer out though. :D Even if you don't think you will buy it, try it out when you walk by a Laneige store! It really does make your skin silky smooth. I pinky promise! ;)
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