August 26, 2011

Dating with Jessie :p

Hey guys!

Went out today with Jessie to the mall to redeem my Skin79 certificate. Really thankful to her coz she offered to take me there just for that! Waii you so naise??! (other than always threatening to leave me by the roadside, of course...) lolol

It's also the first time I went to Excapade with her so we found out what's our fav dishes there and turns out they are almost the same!

Salmon uzukuri looking like a pretty and delicious flower

Philadelphia Maki. I guess we're craving for raw meat wtf

Sesame ice cream recommended by the waiter. He said it's new. He should treat me for ordering it for his sake coz he swears its good. -___-

Funnily enough at that moment Otis texted asking for my recommendation on dishes at Excapade coz she's going there for her sungkai! Haha good timing ;p less than three you!

Really cannot ah. hahaha :P I looked so old standing next to her fml (I dono why so manyy tissues there?? lol)

Tadaaaa~~ loves!!!

I really like the set up of Skin79's store!

My fav section hah

The sales lady who layan-ed me was very patient with my questions on their products! I kept asking her what is this for, what is that for, what's the difference, how to use them bla bla bla and she answered with such ease its like she grew up in there! Awesome!

Of course must cam whore also la... since we're there already haha

Sneak peak of my goodies! love them all!!

Final Destination 5

Me and Jessie also watched Final Destination 5. When we first reached the mall we've actually decided to watch Glee 3D. Then when we reach the cineplex counter...

Me: Sure wanna watch glee ma? Dowan FD5 ah? Dowan ah?
Jessie: I dono oh.. Me anything one. hehehe
Me: Sure ma?

This goes on for about 15 minutes before we decided on Final Destination wtf haha It's not all bad, I think they are very good in finding creative ways to kill their characters off one by one.

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