August 6, 2011

Little haul

Hey guys!

Went out for a little this week with some friends and I got some stuff here and there. Have you guys visited Holika Holika at The mall? I think it's pretty impressive how Holika opens up another branch so quick in Gadong. I guess the much anticipated hot spots in Brunei are non other than The mall and of course, Times Square. Though I'm pretty sure the Times Square we have here is nothing in comparison to overseas'.

Magic Pole mascara

I wanted to get this but ended up not getting it. I don't know why. I noticed that with mascaras, I never buy them even after months and months of consideration. Like the Lash Stiletto by Maybelline, I wanted that for more than a year and now that they are available, I can never bring myself to buy it wtf -__-

I think this particular mascara costs BND18+ or something. I will buy it. Someday.

Anywhos I got these three nail polishes. Those two on the right looks similar but I swear to god one is grey and another is a pastel purple!! Ugh I don't know why they look so similar here! Quality is ok. Some of the colors are very opaque and some very very sheer. So I guess it depends on which color you picked and what your preferences are. BND3.50 each.

Here's me wearing the grey one. TFS has something similar and I think both looks gorgeous! I love this color!! p.s. don't mind my ugly-ly painted nails coz I suck at doing nails GAHHH!!

If you don't already know, which I doubt, TFS finally came out with shatter lacquers! Seriously though, what's the difference between nail polishes and nail lacquers?! Anyways, they only have the black, grey and brown shatters. I think they call it the 'Crack collection'. Black and brown is nice. Grey, not so much. So I got the basic black.

Testing them in the hostel. Follow me on instagram!! :D

Another BB cream sample given by Holika Holika which I have yet to try.

I was at guardian and initially thought to get the Revlon Colorstay eyeliner, which is what I have been using for over a year now and have probably gone through five or so but then Lena recommended me the Crayon Liner by Maybelline coz it's cheaper, BND6+ incomparison to the Revlon's which is BND13+

Both are Maybelline's

I wanted to give the Impact Shadow Liner a try too since it is also cheaper than the Revlon's at BND8+. I'm okay with these sort of eyeliners, just that I get kinda lazy to sharpen them sometimes. =/ The crayon liner I think gives off a more intense black than the Impact Shadow Liner. Which is good coz it's cheaper. ;)

Also got another Revlon PhotoReady foundation coz they are having a sale and I was already thinking of getting a lighter shade than the one I had, which is in Golden Beige and is a lil dark for me now that my skin has lighten a teeny bit.
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  1. Thanks for the tips. I am looking for some good and cheap eye liners too. I am using Avon glimmer sticks eyeliner now and it cost abt BND5+ maybe u can give it a try too :)

  2. u're welcome! ahh i see thanks for the heads up!



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