March 31, 2008

lost book T.T

omygod. i tink i've lost my school's economics dictionary. i just checked my backpack n its not there. no wonder i felt wierd in school just now! T.T where the heck can it be... sigh. i think i wont be getting any sleep tonight. =( its only monday and god hates me already X(

if anyone found it ps jux put it at the noticeboard at the P.S. area.. thanx...

p.s: zaffy, im not sure about the tattoo artist but i know he's been to a few countries to learn tattooing. he's got ceterficates too if i'm not mistaken. i'll get a chatbox asap..


ive been interested in tattoo since i was a kid. er, not reli a kid but still.. it's about 5years ago when i started noticing it. i know some people may think that getting a tattoo is 'not gud'. but for me, its a form of body art which is jux spectacular.^^ i get all 'gaga' when i c anyone who has one. so jealous la... hee =D

ive already chosen what kind of design i want to do but i cant post it yet coz i'm using my mobile to wryt this now. its a really nice one though.. muahahaha =D Oyeah i heard from a friend that seria has a tattoo artist but its only a part time thingy. i've seen his work and its not bad. =) can say that i've seen worst lols. it's not THAT expensive either. so i think when i finally have the authority to get one, i'd probably get one from him. XD

March 30, 2008

My meow meow

Actually ive posted this before in my friendster but anyhows, just wanna store it here too.^^

mourrie has been in the family for...er not dat long. since last year oni nmy dad has threaten to dump it inthe rubbish area nearly everyday-.-'' but luckily he never did hehee..anyway, she got pregnant around2months ago n now has 4 cute lilkittens (they r amazingly cute!^^)their eyes hav jux opened a fewdays ago n i mus say, she took gudcare of d kittens, jux lyk a pro.

i putdem in a box n to my astonishment,my dad 'donated' one of his t.shirtsto act as a blanket 4 da baby catsXD lols.. i tink he din hate cats asmuch as he thought he did... coz ivecaught him playing with the kittencountless of times -.-'' wat la...okay, back to mourrie.. she luvs toerr.. how 2 put dis.. hunt i guess.every cat does. but its realytroubling 2 find monitor lizards,rats, birds n large insects dead onur front door nearly everyday -.-''i tink shes trying to prove to us datshe's gud n dat she's being a gud pet to hunt those stuffs. lols yeah,we know ure a pro, mourrie.^^

n d wierd thing is dat she reli luvs tosit on plant pots dat my dadplanted. esp on a hot day XD iguess she's trying to cool down herbutt or sumthing hahah.. she didnpoo in it or anything but my dad didnwana use those veges for dinneranymore (ew..) hahah
well i guess dats about it. its toobad i cant post a pix of her herecoz im using my hp right now.. maybsum other day^^.luv u lots mourrie XD

mourrie's babies^^

The first blog ever written-_-"

waw... lols. Feels kinda sakai right now. actually this is the first time i ever wrote any 'blog' thingy so i'm not that good in it. 'Qing duo duo zhe jiao' ^^ Anyways, before this I usually writes in my diary. Hopefully i won't spill any creepy secrets here. muahahaha =D Luckily my sis, shala helps with the setting up og this blog of mine. Have no idea how.

Today is the last day of the first tirm holiday and i've still got a Gp essay to finish and some eco homeworks to do. boring. hmm..


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