March 31, 2008


ive been interested in tattoo since i was a kid. er, not reli a kid but still.. it's about 5years ago when i started noticing it. i know some people may think that getting a tattoo is 'not gud'. but for me, its a form of body art which is jux spectacular.^^ i get all 'gaga' when i c anyone who has one. so jealous la... hee =D

ive already chosen what kind of design i want to do but i cant post it yet coz i'm using my mobile to wryt this now. its a really nice one though.. muahahaha =D Oyeah i heard from a friend that seria has a tattoo artist but its only a part time thingy. i've seen his work and its not bad. =) can say that i've seen worst lols. it's not THAT expensive either. so i think when i finally have the authority to get one, i'd probably get one from him. XD


  1. Did you get the idea of writing a post about tattoos after you saw my henna on around wrist? ;b

    Anyway, who's the guy? Di mana? I'm so keen to know. Hahaha. Not that I'm getting any, though.



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