May 30, 2009

Freaking out!!!


Guess what???? My dream came true!! I’ll have my Dell XPS by next Wed the latest. Aren’t you excited for me?? YAY ME!!! xDDD Omg... cannot believe it man. Like I’m dreaming or something. Dude, slap me.

This monkey is soo funny! haha xDD

Anyways, went to school to take my result slip just now in the afternoon at SMSA’s foyer. My sisters accompanied me coz my dad’s kinda buzy and it’s quite impossible asking my mum to go coz she’s gonna be busier. So... yeah, they represented my dad and Ms. Joan didn’t seem to like it very much... There’s also this red thingy on my result slip that kinda ruin the whole thing. Yeah, B.studies. I flunked it but my ranking is at 31 out of 116. So maybe I didn’t do too badly. Maybe...

Feeling damn tired today. I was sick right, so I took some pills which actually forced me to sleep even when I shouldn’t, like in Maths class and GP class this morning. I think those pills are perfect for those who have insomnia. Plus, all the adrenaline rush from my excitement bout Dell really used up my energy. Oyeah, we also started dance classes today and it’s very very, I repeat, very challenging! We had to do it at my home coz the studio is booked for something else. Weird, but still okay for me.

Lemme see... so many stuffs happened lately I didn’t know which is which but overall, life’s GOOD~ muahahahaha xDD


May 22, 2009

Determined to alter

I woke up real early today. Is that right to say? Or is it ‘really early’? xD I think it’s about 5am when I woke up. There’s like an alarm clock in my head which I didn’t know I had until this morning. School made me this way. Damn... So yeah, it was too early and I didn’t know what to do so I did my homework. Lol... yeah, amazing right? I can’t believe it either. Anyhoos, it’s my maths homework which I should’ve handed in last week. But since many haven’t handed in their work coz of the AS (Not that I’m taking AS, I’m just lazy...), I tried to push my luck too. Shouldn’t have done that but hey, I’ve completed them so give me a break.

So the whole world should’ve known by now who’s 2009’s American Idol. Yeah I’m shocked too. Like, what the fuck!?? But I like Kris Allen so it’s OK. xDD Yayy... he won! Adam Lambert’s great too... initially. It’s just that all he ever did was scream the songs out. And that last song, ‘No boundaries’, co-written by Kara DioGuardi, seriously sucked when he sang it. But when Kris sang it, Kaboom!! Everyone loved it, even though he looked as if he’s in pain. At least the key was lowered on the finale.


Kris Allen shocked when Ryan Seacrest announced that he's the winner! Lol ain't he just cute?? xD


Kris Allen and his wife embracing each other. They're so sweeet!

And did you guys notice that he didn’t shed any tears? Well, at least until the end when his wife hugged him. Awww... so sweet!! And David Cook’s performance is really touching. My deepest consolation to his late brother, of whom I didn’t know the name of...yet. There are people who are still looking for a cure for cancer out there and I wonder how long have they been searching for that cure... hmm...

Is there any way to convince my parents that we are living in a modern era now? Hopefully everything will go as planned this Saturday and they won’t freak out. And I won’t get kicked out of the house. =P Nah, it’s nothing. Just my belated birthday gift which my dad would gladly hate. By the way, my dad hates domestic animals.

Which reminds me, I’m 18! Wow... haha... I thought the world will change when I turned 18. How wrong I was. Everything is the same as always, even the way my hair flies when the wind blows is the same. Boring! Oyeah, thanx to those who greeted me on my birthday and also those who gave me gifts. Too bad there’s someone who forgot about it... this ex-MPP ah, cari pasal one. Don’t worry, I got cry in the toilet when I went home that day. LOL!

May 14, 2009

Black and blue

"Thorns and stings
And those such things
Just make stronger
Our angel wings."
- Emme Woodhull-B├Ąche


Watched American Idol on Star world today... Kris is in the finals!! Yay~ I actually preferred him now. Aw, don’t be sad Jim. Haha... Anyways, I wanted Adam to win it but I don’t want Kris to lose either. What to do, what to do. Tsk tsk. =(

Kris Allen. (Duh!)

Adam Lambert (Double duh!)

I got back my B.stu paper2 today. Flunked it. I knew this would happen. Sigh... gusss I'm just going to sit at a corner and cry my eyes out. Been wanting to pass all papers. See? I aimed so low yet I still failed. What the hell... I'm not blaming anyone coz I know I didn't study during the exams. =P Ohyeah, the Mechanics test is amazingly alright for me, but I still have this bad feeling about it.


I looovee this image!! Look at the richness of the colours and the details in it! Pretty~ =D

May 13, 2009

Worries, trips, dances

“When the benevolent God heard the cries, he transformed the seven sisters into doves and placed them within the heavens.”- Novareinna


I’ve received my GP papers recently. And I’m really disappointed with my marks. Well, at least I passed. I got a C. Just try’na do my thing and stay afloat right now. Ck. Emisa hasn’t given us back any eco papers yet and I’m also waiting for B.Stu paper2.

The June AS Level has started so I just wanna take this opportunity to wish them luck for their exams. Luck doesn’t count, really. It’s the effort that counts. But we are humans after all, and humans love luck. So there you go.


There’s this thing that I’m really excited about, and I believe that I’m not the only one who’s excited... Dancing!! Yay! Right? Lol... Actually I just planned to invite Kaeli and the other girls but they couldn’t make it so... I’m bringing in my homies! xDDD I’ve got seven already here and I think it’s enough to make a group, no? Lol, I just know that we’re gonna have a fun time together. Yes, you are so gonna shake your body, girl. (By that I meant a certain ex-MPP person hahah oh yeah and also that hot chick who sat beside me in maths class! xDD)

There’s also this trip I’m going which is organized by the Environmental club. I just hope that I’ll be able to see some turtles. Baby turtles are good too. I’m just kinda freaked out about the boat thingy but maybe I’m just crazy. They decided to split the people into 2 groups coz many people are interested. By the way, I heard that there are 60 new Pre-U1 members!! Congrats! Your club has the most members in all the existing SMSA clubs, with over a hundred in total.

We’re gonna have a maths test- AGAIN tomorrow. Gosh I hate tests!!! Mechanics paper. One of my weakest. Actually, I’m quite weak in all papers. We don’t really get along very well, you know. They give me headaches. =(


Found this on google. Sweet, huh?

May 7, 2009

Shake it!!!

Courtesy of deviantart

Thinking bout nothing for the moment. Just wanna jump, dance and get drunk.

May 6, 2009



So far, out of the four subjects that I take, the only exam result that I’ve gotten back is Maths. Other than that, it’s zilch. Wonder what’s taking the teachers so long to mark them papers. Didn’t really bother me though.

Anyways, I’m actually annoyed at how the juniors and some of the teachers take care of disciplinary measures. Let’s see, even students wearing white socks are held back during assemblies. Yeah, I know. (Hell, I don’t even wanna say it.) And the reason for that is because the brand of the socks is printed on them.

Omfg! Ur socks r branded! Stay behind!

And I heard that it’s compulsory for the juniors to wear tudungs which are provided by the school which have the SMSA badge printed on it. Apparently, they mustn’t wear the usual white tudung which you can normally buy at any tailor’s shop. Even if they have the school badge. At least, that’s what I’m told. Okay, this is getting so weird I have to stop.

Oh, before I forget, we, the pre-Us, were scolded by some female teacher during assembly last week coz some of us were wearing colored socks and some other stuff. She sounded really cross, like someone owes her a million dollars and decided not to pay. And I swear I heard someone laughing.

American Idol’s kinda boring this week. Wait a sec. Oh yeah, it’s getting more boring each passing week. I have to say though, Danny Gokey’s screaming scared the shit out of me. I was like WTF is he doing?!? Freaky! Dude, if you don’t know how to do it, please don’t do it. Adam’s sounded much much better. Lmfao. Kris’s… I didn’t even watch Kris’s performance. =P And I don’t think I’ve missed anything. Alison’s okay. Love her sexy hair. I actually wanna dye mine like hers years ago but decided to go against it coz my skin’s too dark. Dammit.


Allison Iraheta with her sexy hair!

May 1, 2009

The cheerless reality

I've borrowed two books from the library this week. The first one is the oh-so-popular Nightmares True ghost stories: Taxi drivers. I have to admit, is really an awful one. I think it's meant for kids. The other one is 'Wish you well' by David Baldacci and I finished reading them a day later, which is quite unusual for me but the latter, is so intriguing I find it hard to let it be.

What amazes me is that it has only been borrowed four times since 2003! That's like 6 years ago! I wonder what's wrong with the kids nowadays. They won't know a good book if it kicks them in the ass, twice. And hard. Anyways, I considered myself lucky to be able to find this book and read it. Duh. It really shows that we can't judge a book by its cover.

Now that I've finished reading them, I felt kinda miserable yet serene. Miserable coz... long story plus the fact that three characters died in the story and serene coz it's finally over. I know I'm not making any sense...

"I can almost see it,
That dream I'm dreaming,
But there's a voice inside my head saying,
'You'll never reach it.' "- Miley Cyrus


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