May 30, 2009

Freaking out!!!


Guess what???? My dream came true!! I’ll have my Dell XPS by next Wed the latest. Aren’t you excited for me?? YAY ME!!! xDDD Omg... cannot believe it man. Like I’m dreaming or something. Dude, slap me.

This monkey is soo funny! haha xDD

Anyways, went to school to take my result slip just now in the afternoon at SMSA’s foyer. My sisters accompanied me coz my dad’s kinda buzy and it’s quite impossible asking my mum to go coz she’s gonna be busier. So... yeah, they represented my dad and Ms. Joan didn’t seem to like it very much... There’s also this red thingy on my result slip that kinda ruin the whole thing. Yeah, B.studies. I flunked it but my ranking is at 31 out of 116. So maybe I didn’t do too badly. Maybe...

Feeling damn tired today. I was sick right, so I took some pills which actually forced me to sleep even when I shouldn’t, like in Maths class and GP class this morning. I think those pills are perfect for those who have insomnia. Plus, all the adrenaline rush from my excitement bout Dell really used up my energy. Oyeah, we also started dance classes today and it’s very very, I repeat, very challenging! We had to do it at my home coz the studio is booked for something else. Weird, but still okay for me.

Lemme see... so many stuffs happened lately I didn’t know which is which but overall, life’s GOOD~ muahahahaha xDD


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