May 6, 2009



So far, out of the four subjects that I take, the only exam result that I’ve gotten back is Maths. Other than that, it’s zilch. Wonder what’s taking the teachers so long to mark them papers. Didn’t really bother me though.

Anyways, I’m actually annoyed at how the juniors and some of the teachers take care of disciplinary measures. Let’s see, even students wearing white socks are held back during assemblies. Yeah, I know. (Hell, I don’t even wanna say it.) And the reason for that is because the brand of the socks is printed on them.

Omfg! Ur socks r branded! Stay behind!

And I heard that it’s compulsory for the juniors to wear tudungs which are provided by the school which have the SMSA badge printed on it. Apparently, they mustn’t wear the usual white tudung which you can normally buy at any tailor’s shop. Even if they have the school badge. At least, that’s what I’m told. Okay, this is getting so weird I have to stop.

Oh, before I forget, we, the pre-Us, were scolded by some female teacher during assembly last week coz some of us were wearing colored socks and some other stuff. She sounded really cross, like someone owes her a million dollars and decided not to pay. And I swear I heard someone laughing.

American Idol’s kinda boring this week. Wait a sec. Oh yeah, it’s getting more boring each passing week. I have to say though, Danny Gokey’s screaming scared the shit out of me. I was like WTF is he doing?!? Freaky! Dude, if you don’t know how to do it, please don’t do it. Adam’s sounded much much better. Lmfao. Kris’s… I didn’t even watch Kris’s performance. =P And I don’t think I’ve missed anything. Alison’s okay. Love her sexy hair. I actually wanna dye mine like hers years ago but decided to go against it coz my skin’s too dark. Dammit.


Allison Iraheta with her sexy hair!

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