May 13, 2009

Worries, trips, dances

“When the benevolent God heard the cries, he transformed the seven sisters into doves and placed them within the heavens.”- Novareinna


I’ve received my GP papers recently. And I’m really disappointed with my marks. Well, at least I passed. I got a C. Just try’na do my thing and stay afloat right now. Ck. Emisa hasn’t given us back any eco papers yet and I’m also waiting for B.Stu paper2.

The June AS Level has started so I just wanna take this opportunity to wish them luck for their exams. Luck doesn’t count, really. It’s the effort that counts. But we are humans after all, and humans love luck. So there you go.


There’s this thing that I’m really excited about, and I believe that I’m not the only one who’s excited... Dancing!! Yay! Right? Lol... Actually I just planned to invite Kaeli and the other girls but they couldn’t make it so... I’m bringing in my homies! xDDD I’ve got seven already here and I think it’s enough to make a group, no? Lol, I just know that we’re gonna have a fun time together. Yes, you are so gonna shake your body, girl. (By that I meant a certain ex-MPP person hahah oh yeah and also that hot chick who sat beside me in maths class! xDD)

There’s also this trip I’m going which is organized by the Environmental club. I just hope that I’ll be able to see some turtles. Baby turtles are good too. I’m just kinda freaked out about the boat thingy but maybe I’m just crazy. They decided to split the people into 2 groups coz many people are interested. By the way, I heard that there are 60 new Pre-U1 members!! Congrats! Your club has the most members in all the existing SMSA clubs, with over a hundred in total.

We’re gonna have a maths test- AGAIN tomorrow. Gosh I hate tests!!! Mechanics paper. One of my weakest. Actually, I’m quite weak in all papers. We don’t really get along very well, you know. They give me headaches. =(


Found this on google. Sweet, huh?

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