May 22, 2009

Determined to alter

I woke up real early today. Is that right to say? Or is it ‘really early’? xD I think it’s about 5am when I woke up. There’s like an alarm clock in my head which I didn’t know I had until this morning. School made me this way. Damn... So yeah, it was too early and I didn’t know what to do so I did my homework. Lol... yeah, amazing right? I can’t believe it either. Anyhoos, it’s my maths homework which I should’ve handed in last week. But since many haven’t handed in their work coz of the AS (Not that I’m taking AS, I’m just lazy...), I tried to push my luck too. Shouldn’t have done that but hey, I’ve completed them so give me a break.

So the whole world should’ve known by now who’s 2009’s American Idol. Yeah I’m shocked too. Like, what the fuck!?? But I like Kris Allen so it’s OK. xDD Yayy... he won! Adam Lambert’s great too... initially. It’s just that all he ever did was scream the songs out. And that last song, ‘No boundaries’, co-written by Kara DioGuardi, seriously sucked when he sang it. But when Kris sang it, Kaboom!! Everyone loved it, even though he looked as if he’s in pain. At least the key was lowered on the finale.


Kris Allen shocked when Ryan Seacrest announced that he's the winner! Lol ain't he just cute?? xD


Kris Allen and his wife embracing each other. They're so sweeet!

And did you guys notice that he didn’t shed any tears? Well, at least until the end when his wife hugged him. Awww... so sweet!! And David Cook’s performance is really touching. My deepest consolation to his late brother, of whom I didn’t know the name of...yet. There are people who are still looking for a cure for cancer out there and I wonder how long have they been searching for that cure... hmm...

Is there any way to convince my parents that we are living in a modern era now? Hopefully everything will go as planned this Saturday and they won’t freak out. And I won’t get kicked out of the house. =P Nah, it’s nothing. Just my belated birthday gift which my dad would gladly hate. By the way, my dad hates domestic animals.

Which reminds me, I’m 18! Wow... haha... I thought the world will change when I turned 18. How wrong I was. Everything is the same as always, even the way my hair flies when the wind blows is the same. Boring! Oyeah, thanx to those who greeted me on my birthday and also those who gave me gifts. Too bad there’s someone who forgot about it... this ex-MPP ah, cari pasal one. Don’t worry, I got cry in the toilet when I went home that day. LOL!

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