October 30, 2009

I hate waiting.

I wasn't planning to update my blog actually but I've got nothing else to do (besides studying) so here am I.


I sat for my Business Studies paper 1 today and it's actually kinda easy if you practice the past year papers and read the notes. I did both but I didn't memorise any of the points so I have to rephrase everything. Hope I'm doing it correctly coz it looks like a 10-year old kid's essay.

And Maths paper 3 didn't go easy on me either so let's not talk about that. =.="

If you're a close friend of mine, you probably knew that I... placed my order on Ebay!! loves. haha I know that I've shown the picture to you guys a gazillion times so I'm not putting it up again. It's the same palette as the Coastal Scents 88 matte palette but it comes with a cheaper price. So yeah! I'm still waiting for that... :D

Meanwhile, I got this.


I think it's perfect for a highlighter. Costs me around BND 13.90. In the US, this only costs about USD 4-5?? Not sure but yeah, I just wanna try and see if it works better than it's sister, Venetian blue.

And I really wanna try NYX's Jumbo pencils! From what I can see, it's a really creamy pencil that many use as a base/eyeshadow. Ohhh Imma get my hands on them someday!!

Images from here.

Anyone interested in purchasing NYX cosmetics? Buy them here if you want. :) Name of store: Joy's cosmetics.


Much Love, Shely

October 24, 2009

The Body Shop

I think I was too excited a little earlier. Now I feel drained and tired. =(

Went to the Body Shop a few days ago (Yesterday) and they have new stuffs called 'Love and Etc'. I took a whiff out of the perfume and it smell kinda strong, as expected from the Body Shop. But it's a really sweet scent and I think you can buy one of them and get another for 25% off.

For months, I've been thinking of getting the Body Shop's body butter. I think they're different from lotions. But I dunno in what way. =/

In the end, I chose the Moringa body butter. Costs me BND 24.90. In Singapore, they sell it for SGD 29.90. A difference of BND 5! Don't ever go to Singapore and buy anything from the Body Shop there okay! I'm saving your life~ :D
This one smells pretty good too~ <3
Totally worth the money.

Actually, I wanted the blender brush. But since I'm a poor student and all, Shala only allowed me to have one item. So I let go of it. A sad day for me. =(

Goodbye blender brush. I'll come back to you, don't worry.

I totally have to get the SIGMA brushes first!!

I really liked the Body Shop's eyeshadows and blushers coz they look so pretty and are sooo pigmented! I think they're new also.

Blushes in Cool Dusk and Warm Sunset. Warm sunset can also be used as a bronzer! Awesomeness~
Eyeshadows in Moonlight Lustre and Sundown Glow.

They are just so IRRESISTABLE!! <3

The Body Shop USA. Here.

The Body Shop SINGAPORE. Here.


Much Love, Shely

October 21, 2009

Sharon's birthday

P.S.: Post accompanied with random images. :)

Yeap, it's my eldest sister's birthday today! Happy Birthday my dear dear sister Sharon~ I hope that there'll be more journeys between us from our sweet little home to the SHOPPING MALLS in the near near future! (By near future I mean this weekend). Pretty please?? I need to get OUTTA HERE!!! xDD

Me and Sharon. You guys have probably seen this photo before but I don't have anything else so there ya go.

She'll be in Temburong for three days for that Outwardbound thingy which I went to last December. It. was. a. living. hell. But Sharon's most likely gonna enjoy herself out there in the woods. Tee hee.

So I've been thinking... About this.


What, you think I'm thinking about my studies?? Pffft. LOL. Don't worry, of course I'm also thinking of my studies but writing that down on my blog is boring!

So anyways, if I have a choice, I think I'll be getting Coastal Scents' warm palette first before getting the 88 matte palette coz... it just seems right. Haha. I mean I think I'm supposed to play with browns and blacks before moving on to the colourful ones. Don't cha think so too??


Whoever's who's interested in buying Coastal Scent's stuff, I recommend you to buy it HERE. It's an ebay store (3act-beauty) and the seller is a top rated one so... no worries! (I think) And they sell the exact same product as Coastal Scents, just cheaper! See I'm good, aren't I? I share. :P

P.S.: Many of the items sold there ships for FREE and they ship WORLDWIDE!

Moving on...

Rihanna had a new song. Many of you have probably listened to it but for those who hasn't, listen to this:

Download Russian Roulette here


That's it bitches. Peace out!

Much Love, Shely

October 19, 2009

Sharon's and MAC's

Heyy. Guess what? MAC is gonna launch a new collection for winter at the end of next month! (Like it's any of my business. hah.) They call it the 'Baroque Boudoir Collection'. I don't even know how the heck to pronounce it but it's so pretty I gotta show you!

P.s.: I do not own any of the MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection images. They're from here.

Nice packaging right?? Rrriiiigghhhtt... The products blend in so well I have to search for it. :P If that's true I'll have to book an appointment with the doctor. Anyways, this collection is in limited edition and is only available in certain areas. How sad. =(

Their lipsticks in Prive, Treasured and D'Nouveau

Their lipglosses in Preciousness, The Lap of Luxury and Baroque Boudoir

Their compact in Light Medium and Medium Plus. Though this one looks kinda boring...

Moving on, it's Sharon's birthday this wednesday but we decided to celebrate early coz she'll be in Temburong organizing some sort of activity there so...

Here's her with Mr. Juice Yap/A Fei/ A Fui/ Another nickname which I forgot.

Stephen and Shala. Don't mind my bro's greasy lips. He's gross like that.

My dinner.

And of course, who doesn't watch TV while having dinner? I don't even know what's on, as long as there's something to watch! :D

Oh, this is what they call 'Turkish Delight'. I think.

If you didn't know what that is then you should watch the first Narnia movie where one of the boys is given Turkish Delight by the Ice witch or something. It tastes... unexpected. Haha... Well, not as good as I thought it would be anyway. And definitely not as good as it looks like in the movie!

But it was like my secret wish to taste it when I watched the movie years ago so thanx to whoever who bought it! Much appreciated. :)

Of course... there must be at least one photo of me in this post. I deserve it man! xDD So there ya go.

And this is stolen from facebook. Thanx for tagging me. =)

Much Love, Shely

October 16, 2009

Sigma brushes

Howdy people. Can't believe I just said that but anyways, I've been entertaining myself lately (Whenever I'm not studying) with trailers of upcoming movies which aren't out in the cinemas yet. I really wanna watch '2012'. I realised that lately, meaning in the past few years, many movies of the world coming to an end were made. I've watched 'Knowing' and the ending is unsatisfactory and sad. =(


Based on Wiki, 2012 will be out on 13.11.09 and exactly a week from that will New Moon's time. Yipeey! Not that I'm that big of a fan...

If you notice, my Wishlist has been getting longer all the time. =( My wishes add on faster than me granting them. The ones that I'm crazy about right now are the... Sigma Brushes! Of course, of course... what else?!

These are their face brushes. Wait, there's more.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


Tadaa! Their eye brushes! Aren't they just BOOTIFUL? :D I've watched like a thousand reviews on them and most of the people said that they work either better than the MAC brushes, or they work as well as the MAC brushes! Can you believe that??

And... a set of these 12 brushes cost you a total of USD 69! Whereas a set of these 12 brushes (Not identical, but similar) from MAC costs a whopping USD 444!! (Juicystar07 said that) Don't believe it? Me either.

You can buy them here if you're interested. Though I'm like so excited and everything, I don't have them. Yet. xDD Oh, I'll geddit alright! Someday. Duh. What's the point of putting anything on the Wishlist if you're not gonna get them right??

P.S.: They ship WORLDWIDE. :D

Much Love, Shely

October 13, 2009


I watch youtube vidoes almost daily and now that Halloween is only about 2 weeks away, tons of Halloween make-up tutorials are being uploaded recently and I've watched quite a few just for the fun of it. And I have to say I'm loving it! Here's Michelle Phan's Seductive Vampire look:

She looks so gorgeous!

Kandee Johnson is also Amazing~ Here's her Edward Scissorhands look:

And also her Barbie look. She's quite an actress! :D

Sigh... if only we're able to celebrate Halloween too. Wouldn't that be fun? Oyeah, Recently I've tweeted my 1000th tweet and my blog hits 20,000. I know it's nothing in comparison to Miley's 100000000 tweets (Too bad she closed her twitter account, not that I care) or XiaXue's daily 20,000 hits.

Friends, if you guys are reading this, I also have a Youtube account. Just so that I could rate and comment. Do add me up if you have one too. For fun.

Much Love, Shely

October 9, 2009

Greetings to Ain :)


Hm... I've been updating quite a lot recently. Anyways, I wanna give a shoutout to the birthday girl who's turning 19 today... :D Her interview goes like this on a sunny day during P.S.:

Q: So how you feel like being 19?

Ain: Sama sja.

And the interview ends there. xDD See? It feels the same! I'm so relieved when she said that. I thought the wind will blow harder, the rain will come down faster and that one's live will change FOREVAAAHHH!!

Oh well, guess I'm wrong.

Happy birthday Ain! xD

The culprit. :P Stolen from her twitter account. Tehee~

Okay, that's the greetings. I think I've greeted her three or four times already :P

Anyways, I karaoked again this afternoon coz my lips are itching to sing. They are literally twitching every 2 seconds and would suddenly burst into a song. I can't control it. =.=

Shala having the time of her life on the mic...

While I camwhored. Note that I'm also wearing a blue shirt, like Ain's. Haha... talk about coincidence. And I have blue makeup on just to spice it up a lil'. (I was bored.) Yay me!

We drew too. I drew while Shala sang and she drew while I sang, that is.

My fugly masterpiece. My bro thought it was a SHE-MALE. hahahaha dammit.

Seeing that we were all having the time of our life singing and drawing, my bro Stephen decided to join us and came up with his own masterpiece. Okay I have to admit he's better than me in drawing. Patrick is too thin though.

Shala's masterpiece. So spoil the lower part. She said it's coz she didn't know how to draw the lower part of the body so it turned into a 'simplified-Doraemon' art. =.=

That's about it. Till next time, bitches!

Much Love, Shely

October 5, 2009

The days ahead.


Trouble is finally upon me. The storm is coming. Heck, I can't fool you. You know exactly what I'm talking about. I hereby disclose this image which reflects my current mood.

link -Rikudeux. An AMAZING artist.

Okay, I can't stand the 'dark' entry above. Anyways, what do you think of my new background and heading? I actually disliked the original heading design which has 'Pinky84' or something like that on it so I googled on how to change it and tadaa... much better now. :) The background makes me feel a lil' more homey. Rather than the light, plain and boring pink.

Oh, and here's a picture from the night at Fatin's house.

Ain is so pretty! My eyes looked swollen! And closed!

There's actually a few more where that came from but someone doesn't allow me to post up the picture. =( I could mosaic your face, you know. :D Wah I so jahat. hahaa just kidding... you look pretty in the picture wa. xDD

Bothering my dad who's working in the background. :P Looks very Japanesy...

link - Rikudeux

"Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing." - Unknown.

Much Love, Shely


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