October 19, 2009

Sharon's and MAC's

Heyy. Guess what? MAC is gonna launch a new collection for winter at the end of next month! (Like it's any of my business. hah.) They call it the 'Baroque Boudoir Collection'. I don't even know how the heck to pronounce it but it's so pretty I gotta show you!

P.s.: I do not own any of the MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection images. They're from here.

Nice packaging right?? Rrriiiigghhhtt... The products blend in so well I have to search for it. :P If that's true I'll have to book an appointment with the doctor. Anyways, this collection is in limited edition and is only available in certain areas. How sad. =(

Their lipsticks in Prive, Treasured and D'Nouveau

Their lipglosses in Preciousness, The Lap of Luxury and Baroque Boudoir

Their compact in Light Medium and Medium Plus. Though this one looks kinda boring...

Moving on, it's Sharon's birthday this wednesday but we decided to celebrate early coz she'll be in Temburong organizing some sort of activity there so...

Here's her with Mr. Juice Yap/A Fei/ A Fui/ Another nickname which I forgot.

Stephen and Shala. Don't mind my bro's greasy lips. He's gross like that.

My dinner.

And of course, who doesn't watch TV while having dinner? I don't even know what's on, as long as there's something to watch! :D

Oh, this is what they call 'Turkish Delight'. I think.

If you didn't know what that is then you should watch the first Narnia movie where one of the boys is given Turkish Delight by the Ice witch or something. It tastes... unexpected. Haha... Well, not as good as I thought it would be anyway. And definitely not as good as it looks like in the movie!

But it was like my secret wish to taste it when I watched the movie years ago so thanx to whoever who bought it! Much appreciated. :)

Of course... there must be at least one photo of me in this post. I deserve it man! xDD So there ya go.

And this is stolen from facebook. Thanx for tagging me. =)

Much Love, Shely


  1. I want a lipstick from MAC so badly :(

  2. From this collection? MAC is too pricey for a poor student like me ='(



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