October 21, 2009

Sharon's birthday

P.S.: Post accompanied with random images. :)

Yeap, it's my eldest sister's birthday today! Happy Birthday my dear dear sister Sharon~ I hope that there'll be more journeys between us from our sweet little home to the SHOPPING MALLS in the near near future! (By near future I mean this weekend). Pretty please?? I need to get OUTTA HERE!!! xDD

Me and Sharon. You guys have probably seen this photo before but I don't have anything else so there ya go.

She'll be in Temburong for three days for that Outwardbound thingy which I went to last December. It. was. a. living. hell. But Sharon's most likely gonna enjoy herself out there in the woods. Tee hee.

So I've been thinking... About this.


What, you think I'm thinking about my studies?? Pffft. LOL. Don't worry, of course I'm also thinking of my studies but writing that down on my blog is boring!

So anyways, if I have a choice, I think I'll be getting Coastal Scents' warm palette first before getting the 88 matte palette coz... it just seems right. Haha. I mean I think I'm supposed to play with browns and blacks before moving on to the colourful ones. Don't cha think so too??


Whoever's who's interested in buying Coastal Scent's stuff, I recommend you to buy it HERE. It's an ebay store (3act-beauty) and the seller is a top rated one so... no worries! (I think) And they sell the exact same product as Coastal Scents, just cheaper! See I'm good, aren't I? I share. :P

P.S.: Many of the items sold there ships for FREE and they ship WORLDWIDE!

Moving on...

Rihanna had a new song. Many of you have probably listened to it but for those who hasn't, listen to this:

Download Russian Roulette here


That's it bitches. Peace out!

Much Love, Shely

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