October 2, 2009

Glitter in my veins.

Hey people. I love Patrick Star! :D I'd watch Spongebob whenever I got home from school early, whenever I have my lunch and whenever I'm bored. No spongebob cartoon means no life.

This post is kinda random and all over the place for me but first, let me show you my zhng-ed calculator cover.

Tadaa!! Without flash.

With flash... and...

Close up.

I'm actually not using any new crystals or anything. These belonged to my mum. The ones I used are obviously the low quality ones. The better ones costs BND70 for 1444 swarovski crystals and I must say, they're pretty AWESOME!!

My workplace. It's all hard work coz I have to separate any colours that I liked from that bigger container and sort them out myself. My back still aches by the way, thanks for caring. :P I feel like I'd never touch them again.

Oyeah, Fatin and Ain came over yesterday and we played what we should have been playing 10 years ago. Make-up. :D It was loadsa fun and it's also quite an experience to use makeup on another person other than yourself. And Fatin kept wanting to sing the same song (Unbreak my heart) over & over again. Emo much, Fatin? :P Ahwell, till next time bitches! Whhooooooo~

From here on, it's all crap. :) I love crap hehe

My very hardworking coin collector. Too bad its owner ain't that 'hardworking'. It's not even half-filled. :P Spending is ALWAYS easier than saving. I can write a thousand words essay on this. Okay, maybe a hundred.

What's on my 'wall'. The one on top is by Shala. The one below from some artist from deviantart.com.

Here are the swatches. Left to right: Black(Duh!), Pearl white, Toasty trial, Cocktail bubbles, Jewelry green, Orchid purple, Baby blue, Golden yellow and Azalea. They're quite pigmented but not as much as the BodyShop's or Stage. I've tried Fatin's Stage eyeshadow and it makes me hate her even MORE. xD

Oh I just love products with name. Makes me feel closer to them. :D Imagine having to call a product #102-32. So if you people out there buys/orders any MAC product online, check if it has a name. If it doesn't, then you're being, you know, cheated on. That sounded wrong.

Shala, me, my mum and some random dude who's listening to his mp3 while driving the shopping cart around for his girlfriend who is unfortunately, not me. LOL.

Sharon who insisted on taking a photo in front of Stage (I think!) in Miri. She looked like some kinda tourist who's in Paris, France. Anyway, as long as she's happy.

Shala and mum. We changed our tables 4 times coz my mum was unsatisfied with the 'Feng Shui'. lol Just kidding. It was because of some dude there who was smoking his ASS off and it smells really BAD. And the wind wasn't helping much either.

I don't know why, but everytime someone smokes, I feel like I'm inhalling whatever smoke the other person has inhaled. Okay, what I was trying to say was that the smoke is disturbing coz it went into that person's lung and everything and came out and is then in mine.

As if we're sharing the same shit. *Puke*

Last but not least, a picture of me camwhoring and some creature behind me which ruined this supposedly-good picture.

Much Love, Shely

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