October 9, 2009

Greetings to Ain :)


Hm... I've been updating quite a lot recently. Anyways, I wanna give a shoutout to the birthday girl who's turning 19 today... :D Her interview goes like this on a sunny day during P.S.:

Q: So how you feel like being 19?

Ain: Sama sja.

And the interview ends there. xDD See? It feels the same! I'm so relieved when she said that. I thought the wind will blow harder, the rain will come down faster and that one's live will change FOREVAAAHHH!!

Oh well, guess I'm wrong.

Happy birthday Ain! xD

The culprit. :P Stolen from her twitter account. Tehee~

Okay, that's the greetings. I think I've greeted her three or four times already :P

Anyways, I karaoked again this afternoon coz my lips are itching to sing. They are literally twitching every 2 seconds and would suddenly burst into a song. I can't control it. =.=

Shala having the time of her life on the mic...

While I camwhored. Note that I'm also wearing a blue shirt, like Ain's. Haha... talk about coincidence. And I have blue makeup on just to spice it up a lil'. (I was bored.) Yay me!

We drew too. I drew while Shala sang and she drew while I sang, that is.

My fugly masterpiece. My bro thought it was a SHE-MALE. hahahaha dammit.

Seeing that we were all having the time of our life singing and drawing, my bro Stephen decided to join us and came up with his own masterpiece. Okay I have to admit he's better than me in drawing. Patrick is too thin though.

Shala's masterpiece. So spoil the lower part. She said it's coz she didn't know how to draw the lower part of the body so it turned into a 'simplified-Doraemon' art. =.=

That's about it. Till next time, bitches!

Much Love, Shely

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