October 24, 2009

The Body Shop

I think I was too excited a little earlier. Now I feel drained and tired. =(

Went to the Body Shop a few days ago (Yesterday) and they have new stuffs called 'Love and Etc'. I took a whiff out of the perfume and it smell kinda strong, as expected from the Body Shop. But it's a really sweet scent and I think you can buy one of them and get another for 25% off.

For months, I've been thinking of getting the Body Shop's body butter. I think they're different from lotions. But I dunno in what way. =/

In the end, I chose the Moringa body butter. Costs me BND 24.90. In Singapore, they sell it for SGD 29.90. A difference of BND 5! Don't ever go to Singapore and buy anything from the Body Shop there okay! I'm saving your life~ :D
This one smells pretty good too~ <3
Totally worth the money.

Actually, I wanted the blender brush. But since I'm a poor student and all, Shala only allowed me to have one item. So I let go of it. A sad day for me. =(

Goodbye blender brush. I'll come back to you, don't worry.

I totally have to get the SIGMA brushes first!!

I really liked the Body Shop's eyeshadows and blushers coz they look so pretty and are sooo pigmented! I think they're new also.

Blushes in Cool Dusk and Warm Sunset. Warm sunset can also be used as a bronzer! Awesomeness~
Eyeshadows in Moonlight Lustre and Sundown Glow.

They are just so IRRESISTABLE!! <3

The Body Shop USA. Here.

The Body Shop SINGAPORE. Here.


Much Love, Shely

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