July 28, 2011

A warm pop of color

Hey guys!

So I was watching one of Michelle Phan's tutorial yesterday and she mentioned something about wearing a peachy orange shade for 'a warm pop of color'. Being the curious cat I decided to try it out.

On my eyes:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
3 shadows from the 88-palette
Maybelline Gel Liner

On my face and lips:

Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream
MAC blush in Springsheen
Revlon Lip Tint in Pink Rose

Yup. That is all. ;D
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July 24, 2011

New semester and a Book: Learning from the heart

Hey guys.

So I was pretty caught up in my own world for the last few days, didn't even notice the last post was written a week ago. My second year in UBD is about to start in one week and I'm still having trouble finding a breadth to take for this coming semester. argh. I do wonder what this semester's gonna bring me. It felt like a new year somehow, but we all know it's just August. I'm pretty excited about walking around the tracks of UBD's sports complex again. It has been a while. :)

A few of my friends are moving to the new hostel this coming semester. It does seem pretty fun but I doubt I will move there. Actually I don't really mind staying at the old hostel coz my sis Shala stayed there for her 4 years in UBD so I figured if she could do it, then why can't I. :P I always feel challenged by my sister but it's all good because where's all the fun in not being competitive siblings sometimes right?

K next topic wtf

Yesterday me and Sharon went up to Bandar with my dad for a quick shopping spree and as usual we stopped at best eastern for the longest time. One of my favourite places in the worldz.

Best Eastern in Times Square

So I was in a dilemma coz I wanted to get two books and at that time I can only get one. bip bop bip bop. I ended up getting both books. :D Yes miracles (aka dad) happen sometimes!

Learning from the heart by Dr Dan Gottlieb

I finished this book last night and it was spectacular and undoubtedly one of the best I've read. The author wrote it as if he is sitting right next to you, telling you snippets of his past experiences and what he learnt from them. There are a mighty good amount of stories and lessons in this little book, all derived from his personal life, about 33 chapters in total and each chapter is as good as the next one!

Here's a snippet from the book:

The above is taken from one of the chapters in his book entitled 'Holding my mother's hand'. Upon reading the title I thought he meant holding his mother's hand when he was a child but really it was when she died.

Definitely pick this book up when you're at Best Eastern! or any book store! It will touch your heart, I promise.
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July 18, 2011

Geo Princess Mimi in Apple Green

Hey people!

I've just received my circle lens a few days ago and was so excited coz Katty from Q4geo told me that she will be showing me some of the new lens that she's selling and one of them is the Princess Mimi lens! If you don't already know, the Princess Mimi lens is similar to the circle lens promoted by the popular Tsubasa Masuwaka, which is called the Bambi Series. (Total count of using the word 'the': 6) fml

The original packaging that came with the lens

Details: Manufactured date, Base curve and Diameter

Geo Princess Mimi in Apple Green!

I love love love them! For one, the size of these lens are pretty large so you can definitely see some enlargement (doh) and I like how you can still see the color and design of them even under artificial light. Once one gets a taste of larger lens, they can never go back to 14mm ones. True story. :P

Without flash:

With flash:

They're super comfy as well! Anywhos Geo lens are generally very comfy so I've always enjoyed wearing them. Now that the new semester is just around the corner, I'm glad I got these bad boys to keep my sight clear for any incoming hot guys that might walk pass me wtf

Oh yeah I did some research ehem* online and found that Princess Mimi lens has a life span of 1 year. Thank goodness.

I know you want me... You know I want cha wtf

You can order yours at Q4Geo!

(Which is where I buy all my lens since 2009.) *proud*
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July 16, 2011

A night out

Hey people!

So I just got back from Miri today. As usual, shots starts... now!

Shabu shabu

Sharon looking younger than me again. *defeat*

Something like snowy ice?

Before heading out to Balcony:

Yus and meee

Don't mind the ugly toilet behind! ughh

Blue lagoon. It tastes better than I thought!

Sharon's Shirlie Temple

After a few hours we went down to Cherrie Berries. New band I heard but one of em sings a lil off-key? =/

Starbucks the next morning!

Nom nomsss

I had to get two coz they are too cute!!

My new love!

Also got another Body Language book. :D
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July 12, 2011

The power of makeup

Hey guys!

So yesterday Sharon and James had a sudden idea to go watch a movie at The Mall. Just a spontaneous decision, no plans no nothing. She called me up from her office asking me to get ready so that by the time she reached home I can jump into the car and off we go.

While I was preparing, I decided to take some before shots so that I can compare myself with what I'll look like after putting on makeup. I like doing it, no idea why please don't judge me. :P

Here's the before:

I guess I look ok. Still human what hahah

Then after:

Then I thought, ok. The usual also lah. Until I compared the before and after...


Thank God for makeup. It's amazing. haha not saying that I'm very good in makeup at all. Just that I can see the difference and I'm pretty sure you can. :P Shows just how powerful makeup can be. If you watch Promise Phan's videos you will know exactly what I mean. :)

On my face:

Revlon Photoready foundation in Golden Beige
MAC MSF Natural in Medium Deep
Mabelline Mineralized Blush in Gentle Pink

On my eyes and lips:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
The Balm Shady Lady eyeshadows in 1) Caught in the act Courtney and 2) Insane Jane
Mabelline black Gel liner
Revlon matte eyeshadow in Peach Sorbet
Revlon lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon
Etude House Peach water gloss in Strawberry Milk

Sharon and me

Mr. Popper's Penguins

If I were to walk in the Mall's cineplex alone thinking of watching a movie last night, I'd probably do Transformers3 or Monte Carlo. Coz I've always thought comedies weren't really my cup of tea but I guess I was wrong because I love HIMYM and Modern Family so... haha Anyways I'm glad we watched this one because it is so worth it!! Jim Carrey's a super awesome actor and he's freakin' hilarious! 7.5/10. :P

Right after the movie we went straight to SCR coz we were all starving like a bunch of starving... people

Chicken chop. Guys, I do not recommend this. I repeat, DO NOT wtf

Guess what this is. No, wrong. :P

Fish and Chips

Chicken and chips lol

Okay I have to include shots of the food that we ordered because I took the pictures and now I have no where to store them so please bear with me ;) I swear I will refrain from taking any shots of any food in the future!!!

Last two, promise!

Okay you can hate me now lol

P.S.: It's Ribena ;P

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