July 5, 2011

Meet Wikkie and Twinkle!

Hey people!

Gosh I miss the internet so much. Something happened to our telephone line so the espeed got cut off at my place for 3 freakin days!! 3!! I feel so disconnected to the world. So... empty. (Not really :P)

Anyhoos I'm not really bothered but I really do miss blogging. :D

My mom and me decided to adopt a cat some few months ago and Sharon manage to come across a cat owner on the shell website who is looking for people to adopt his cat since he is moving somewhere across the globe. About a month ago we visit the place and was told that we had to get two cats or none at all coz they are brothers and brothers stick together. *serious face*

So we said okay sure since we don't really mind and we really wanna stroke those cats. (yes we're crazy like that) And tadaaaaa!!

Twinkle and Wikkie!

When they first arrived they were scared shitless by anything that moves, or don't move. haha they are better now and Wikkie loves exploring the house and meowing at anyone who's willing to give him the attention he wants.



One of many hiding places for the catz


Twinkle is the shy one. I can hardly take any shots of him just coz he likes to hide so much! Just this morning it took me and the family about an hour before we found him hiding somewhere complicated in the house. Mom was super nervous coz she loves Twinkle lol

Can you spot Wikkie? :D

Wikkie thinking of his future ;)


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