June 27, 2011

One weekend

Hey guys!

I've got a string of shots for you again. This blog is slowly transforming into a photo blog. Which could actually be a good thing coz that means less writing for me and more photos to see! Damn it even rhymes :P

Before going out to bandar last weekend


I always feel as if I packed on eyeshadows on my eyes but whenever I tried taking pictures it always seems like I ain't wearing any makeup!

Example: (later on at the mall food court)

wtf? *fist in the air*

Sharon and me at Charmy snowy ice. Or something.

My fav!!

James. Did I mention he always takes pic like Marshall from HIMYM? lol

Takoyaki from the basement at the Mall. I'm sure you know where ;)

I got this at Guardian. Only BND12.90 I think. I initially planned to get the L'oreal one but the Mall's guardian didn't supply L'oreal makeup? ughh I need it coz I don't own any liquid eyeliner and it's really frustratingggg!!

Pretty sharp tip!

As you can probably tell I took the pics at Excapade lol sampat again that...

I didn't know James' version of full is THIS full. -___-

Finally got myself another makeup bag. I had a green one from TBS as well but Shala took it with her to the UK so I'm left with using ugly plastic bags to take my makeup with me wherever I go which is not very sexy wtf

The sales lady also convinced me to get this tiny lotion which fits into my palm for BND8.90 but all proceeds go to charity so it's okay. Plus it smells really good!

Camwhore pics time!!!

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