June 17, 2011

I love thick eyelashes

Hey people!

I was watching youtube videos, one of pixiwoo's tutorials. I really like her tutorials, especially when she always starts with a clean face and by the end of the video looked totally different from where she started. Plus her double lid super naise!

Anyway after watching it I feel itchy and picked up my brush again. I don't know why but I really started to enjoy layering falsies. :P And just topping that off with regular brown shadow.

Excuse my PJs! :P

I couldn't get a good lighting. It's like 8pm when I took this. rawr

Close up

Wink fail!!

Really need that nose job... LOL

The amount of falsies on my eyes. It's actually only two layers!

A combo of these two. Bought them last December at KK. Damn cheap!

That's all. Ok bye. :P

My sexy smoldering look *puke*
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