June 24, 2011

Sharon + James' wedding dinner

Hey guys.

Just gonna show what's been going on with my life for the last few days. Let the pictures do the talking!

Went to Kukuba to get my nails done. Something happened here which I'm not at liberty to say but what happened was one really weird episode of my life which I probably will never forget ever wtf

What I have on my feet. It makes my feet look... 30 years older -.-

A few random shots of food when we're at Marilyn's

Potato chicken salad


Fried chic-zzz...

The next day! (Press skip forward button)

Sharon had her hair done for the dinner! So pretty!

Sharon and me

Bro and Sharon

Upon reaching the restaurant, I saw this! Such a pretty touch :)

A quick shot before the arrival of guests

Let's get down to business...

James managed to poke my cousin in the face with that cork! LOL

Toasting to the newly weds!

The third and final toast!

My sister's god daughter

Baby crying lol

Some random shots of food that night:

Shark fin soup

Circle of life (yam) with something something inside

Something flavored rice lol I'm so bad at describing food!

Lamb chop

Butter prawn.

And my fav final dish. I have no idea what it's called wtf

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