June 1, 2011

Revlon, my pick.

Hey people!

So I was out the other day and I went in to Guardian and saw that Revlon released a new Mascara called Custom Eyes. It's a water proof mascara and you can twist the top part where there are two options for you to choose from according to your preference; Length & Drama or Length & Definition.

Revlon Custom Eyes Waterproof mascara at BND19.90

Option 1

Option 2

The bristles.

It's a pretty good size I'd say. Honestly I don't think the two options made any difference. Probably another one of their genius marketing ideas haha The formula's pretty good and I tried applying two coats and they don't really clump too much so that's good too. I think it's better than Revlon's Grow Luscious because the latter builds really slowlyyyyy.

Revlon's Grow Luscious mascara

I also finally got another of Revlon's ColorBurst lipstick. Ughhh It took me forever to get another one just coz they're super expensive at BND21.90 and I always hesitate and ended up not getting em whenever I stop by Guardian. Plus Stage cosmetics' lipsticks are so super awesome but only costs me RM12!!! I can get 3 of Stage's lipsticks in exchange for 1 Revlon ColorBurst lipstick wtf

Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in Peach

075 Peach

On my lips:

It's all worth it in the end coz I love colour! The ColorBurst lipsticks are very creamy and smooth when you applied it on your lips it reminded me of lip balms. :D Revlon ColorBurst lipsticks FTW!!
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