June 7, 2011

Mumbo Jumbo

Hey people!

I'm actually kinda indulged in reading The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory right now so I figured might as well update this space using the easiest method possible (for lazy bloggers only!)

Here are some shots taken while we're in Miri last weekend to entertain you for the next 20 seconds.

Half of Sharon, James, Stephen and one-third of mom.

Lunch! Boneless chicken something something. Kinda salty.

Sharon and James

Last shot I swearrr:
Me and dearest sis Sharon

People always say that me and my siblings look like twins or whatever but is it really true?? *sitinthecornerandcry*

Anyway, I managed to give Stage another quick visit but only got 3 things coz the others are wary of waiting for me every time I enter a shop lolol sorry guys. :P

Stage lipstick in Midsummer Mauve

My lips are not symmetrical fml

Stage lipstick in Lush Lotus

I like this color!!

Bought this for my brows.

Did I say that last shot of me was the last shot of me? I lied.

Okay. You can hate me now lol
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