June 4, 2011

Books: The book of tomorrow & The mating

Hey guys!

I've just recently finished with two books and I think they are both awesome!

Book #1
Cecilia Adhern's The book of tomorrow

I've always wanted to read more of Adhern's book after reading her P.S. I love you but I just never got around to buying more of them coz everytime I saw her books, it was too late. Either I've already had another book in mind that I'm gonna buy or I bought some other stuff instead. Which is why when Elle (Allthatglitters21) mentioned this book on youtube, I knew. I HAD TO GET THIZZ BOOKZ!

It's basically about this teenage girl who had to move to this little town with her aunt and uncle after they lost everything when her dad died and was apparently in a huge debt. So they have to sell all their properties and stuff. Then her aunt is acting strange and there's someone else living in that house across the street apart from the old lady but everyone lied to her saying there's no one else...

The story started out pretty slow but once it progress it's really good because there's all this suspense and you're reading in the girl's point of view so you have no idea what's going on too. It made me read really fast just to know what's the story behind all the weird things that's been happening! Haha It had me turning page after page and I think I skipped lunch and dinner for this book lol

I'd give this book a 8/10. Can't wait to get more of Adhern's books!

Book #2
The Mating by Nicky Charles

I was browsing through the iBook app store on my iPhone looking for free books to read and turns out there are literally HUNDREDS of authors to choose from! And that's only on the romance section. Erghhh was such a tough decision to choose books from coz I started by browsing the authors from A-Z and God knows which authors are good and which are not-so-good!

Then I stumbled across Nicky Charles and clicked on the name coz Nicky is a beautiful name so I figured the books should be a-okay too wtf I still have no idea if Nicky is a he or she so I assume it's a he. Until now. lol Should be a she since it's Nicky and not Nick...


The mating is the first of 3 books like a series/sequel/installment. It's about this girl who is chosen by her dad, the Alpha male in the area to mate with another Alpha male from another area to ensure 'peace' or whatever. Lucky for her the guy is hot and is apparently perfect. Here's a description of Kane from the book:

"The man was taller than her father, at least six foot four, and powerfully built. His shoulders were broad, muscles rippling beneath his shirt as he gestured to make some point. Dark, faintly messy hair topped a pleasing face, with sculpted cheeks and a full bottom lip. "

Another description of Kane:

"Glancing over her shoulder, she saw Kane leaning in the doorway, his shirt hanging open and his hair messed from sleep. He looked incredibly sexy and her heart beat faster at the sight of him. Sliding her eyes over his body, she noted his toned stomach and long denim encased legs."

lol I know right?? :P

I'd give this book a 8.5/10. Some parts were really funny too so I daresay it's a pretty good read though I wouldn't recommend it to minors aka those below 18years. hehehe you know why lah wtf

If you haven't figured it out, yeah, it's about werewolves.
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