February 26, 2010

The Body Shop Sale!

Hey people!! :D As you all probably know, the Body Shop is having a special sale today for their members. Normally in order to become a member, one has to buy their products first which are worth BND60 but for today you only need BND10! Yippie! Sad to say I've never been a member. Well not anymore!

Tadaa! Loves.

I thought I'll be salivating all over their makeup counter. Instead, I ended up wandering over to their lotion and body butter section. Omg I loveeeeee their body butter!!

Here's my haul ;)

Total af about BND124!! Guess how much the total cost WITHOUT the discount.


A difference of BND75.2! WTF right?!?

My satisfied look. HAHA

Oh oh! And... you get to choose one free gift! Between an ugly grey bag or this:

It looks strange I know but the quality is pretty good! And by itself, it costs around BND37 I think. No freakin' idea. I think it's growing on me coz I love it now~ :D I think I'll be using it where ever I go. Teehee...

In the evening we went to my cousin's home. Today is the first time I actually visit someone else's home since New year. And the celebration ends this sunday! *sad*

Oh well, at least I'm off from work tomorrow! This calls for another celebration... Nyeh heh heh heh...

Me and dad~

Body butter... I love u. xDD

Much Love, Shely

February 22, 2010

Wolfman and Urban Decay :D

Hey people! Last weekend was a fun one for me coz... I get to dance! :P This dance, that is:

Awesome... huh? Thanks, Ain for teaching us! xD Okay fine, it's kinda impossible for us to learn the whole dance moves in 1 day. But it's really fun, trust meeeeee!!

The day after me, Fatin, Vance and Shala (and my dad) went to UBD's open day. I'm thinking of majoring in Business admin and minoring in HRM & Leadership... I'm thinking of picking up a language too! Mandarin. xD I know I should be taking languages like French, Korean or Japanese instead of my own mother tongue, mandarin! But I feel like I don't know standard mandarin like I'm supposed to. I've never learnt mandarin like, professionally in school.

Oh yeah.

I got my Urban Decay Primer Potion in XL!!!!

It's freaking f*ckin' tiny.

Still, I heard this baby can lasts for months! So I guess I shouldn't complain but this UDPP sucked BND53 right out of my wallet. Daym...

Therefore, I shall treat it like gold.

I used em on my lids today and... NO CREASING!! Yayy~ this is exactly what I'm looking for in this product. Doh.

We also went to the mall...

Shala and Vance

Me and Fatin. :D

While we are at the mall, the idea of watching a movie spontaneously came into our minds so off we scurried to the cinema and we watched...


WhooooYeahh Babyy! This movie... meh. Hahaha Alright, it's not that bad but I thought Wolfman would actually look bigger and more animal like. Like a bent back and on all fours. This wolfman seems to be standing, walking and running on two feet for most part of the movie. =/

I'm actually looking forward to Alice In Wonderland. Out on 11th March... Someone's birthday heheeee

Much Love, Shely

February 18, 2010

Randy the new puppy!

Oh I'm so in love! Isn't he the cutest?!

My dad surprised us all today by bringing home a puppy! Yes, you heard right. My DAD. Haha... He's usually the one who complains about our old dog and how Boyboy (our old dog's name) never seem to bark at people. Lol I know that sounded weird but my dad wants the dog to bark at strangers so that he'd know whenever there's someone outside the house. Yes, the dog stays out for good reasons.

So Shala asked dad what this puppy's name is and he automatically said, "Sandy."

Like it's a matter of fact.

Did someone say my name?

Haha :P So we renamed him Randy. Whoooyeahh babyy!

Boyboy :D

Enough of the puppies and dogs, let's talk about cats! Haha... I miss having mourrie around =(

Mourrie chillin' her ass on one of my dad's plants. ROFL!

I think I've posted this picture of Mourrie before but who cares, she's cute!! She really likes to show her appreciation to us by killing birds and frogs and insects and placing them right outside our kitchen door. Click here to see what Mourrie has done to the poor bird. =(

But I still adore her, of course :D

The lion dance troop came to Soon Lee a couple of days ago (yesterday, really) and good thing they came during my lunch break! The people were pretty cool and kinda funny too.........zzz.

Okay seriously, I got nothing else to blog about.

As always, what's a blog post without a picture of me? :P




Gosh. I need to get a life.

Much Love, Shely

February 16, 2010

First day of CNY

Hey people! All these pictures that I've posted up in here I've also posted at Facebook. But who cares? Not everyone who reads my blog has my facebook right??! RIGHT! So here goes nothing :D

A golden lion this year! Or is it yellow. Hahah

Oh and we don't usually go out on the first day of CNY coz... our family come to us! Whoopie!! =D

Me and my cousins and sisters and brother.

Guess who came on the first day too? My brudder Kaeli! HAHA

The girl in pink acting cute... as usual. =.="

Sharon, Shala, me and Mum!

Sharon and James/Juice/Koko

Shala who thinks she can sue me, and ME! :D

Much Love, Shely

February 13, 2010

Valentine's and New Year's

Hey people! First of all let me just say

Happy Valentine's day ♥


Happy Chinese new year!


I know that it's one day too early to greet but seriously, do you think I'd blog tomorrow?
Awh Hell no!

I took a day leave from work today. It's my first leave evarr!! Wohooo! Hahah I went to school instead and handed in the leaving form and got my certs back. HECAS is next. =.=" It's so troublesome having to go back to school every time to get this done and then later going back again to get another thing done.

Now I have so many books from different universities in the UK that I need to get rid of. Anyone wants them? :D

I've been thinking a lot... about Urban Decay. :D Heee *guilty*

Sustainable Shadow box - USD36

XL primer potion - USD23

NYX jumbo pencil in Milk - USD3.50

The cost of purchasing these three lovely items plus shipping them to Brunei will easily cost me more than BND100. Which is basically like shooting my wallet with a Bazooka. I know for some people it's a piece of cake but this hard-earned cash is gained through you know, hard work. HAHA DOH. Lame.

Plus, shipping is like USD 27? Who the F*ck charges so much just for shipping these tiny items. Okay I know the primer potion is in XL size but it's TINY. In general. I guess...

UGH If only the USA is right beside Brunei. HAHAHA or at least let Brunei be in the middle of USA. Wouldn't that be fun? :D

Alright, let me just end this post with this:

Weird ass pic of me. HAHAHA

Much Love, Shely

February 5, 2010

Nyx pearl pigments

I was initially really excited to blog since my NYX pigments has already arrived... but now... I just wanna go to bed. :P

They're really small, as expected. Okay no, I expect something small but this is smaller than my expectation. Haha so yeah, I'm still quite dissapointed but nobody cares so why should I? Plus it's only BND3.50 a bottle. No big.

I've only took a couple of pictures of em coz it's really boring to take 9 pictures of pigments in which nearly all looked the same. Haha so there ya go.

I think this is Mocha? No idea, I peeled off its label haha :P

Blue glitter. Mmm

Gold glitter


Oh and I bought this really cute brown colour nail polish from Skin food. It's pretty dark and I got it coz there ain't much brown coloured nail polish that I've seen my whole life.

Trust me, Skin food's nail polish is wayy better than face shop's.

And here's the swatches of the Nyx pearl pigments. They turn out to be quite glittery but there's nothing I can do about it now but to use them. =/

So freakin pigmented!

I'm no makeup expert, that's for sure. But I do like to play with them and to do so, you need the right tools. Out of the 12 sigma brushes that I got, I only used a few of them daily. The rest is just sitting there collecting dust. =( Esp the lip brush and the skunk brush. I don't own any liquid foundation so there's really no use for the skunk brush. I'm still looking for the right shade...(No, I'm broke.)

And the funny thing is I realised that the brush that I grab for the most is none other than the free brush Sigma gives when you order a complete kit, the SS217!

Too bad the handle is short AND grey. Haha but it works all the same. I love you! This brush is so freakin versatile u can do whatever makeup you want with it. Haha Okay maybe not. But still!!

I use this everyday too. When I work. If not, my eyebrows will look like mona lisa's. (You guys know that mona lisa doesn't have any brows right?) But this is not Sigma's... it's body shop's. Thats coz this is actually more convenient for me, one stroke and I'm off to the next step. Sigma's angled brush is too tiny and kinda annoying.

Ahh.. the flat shader brush. Love this too. I use this when I'm lazy to do my makeup and I just take it and apply 1 colour all over my lid and BAM! I'm done. Hahaha Awesome for lazy people like me.

Pencil brush. This one's not bad. Quite similar to the essence of beauty's pencil brush except that this is smaller. For outer V but I use it to apply my eyeliner too using shadows to give a lil smokey look. Uiseh. As if I know if that really works.

And of course, the blender brush! Not bad too but I sometimes blend too much it looks like a mess. =.=" I wanted to try laneige's blender brush coz it looks really big n fluffy! xD

Oh I think I forgot to show u guys this too.

Nyx blue glitter

Crystal gttlietr

And lastly...

Me! Taken during lunch break today at Excapade. Haaha

Much Love, Shely


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