February 13, 2010

Valentine's and New Year's

Hey people! First of all let me just say

Happy Valentine's day ♥


Happy Chinese new year!


I know that it's one day too early to greet but seriously, do you think I'd blog tomorrow?
Awh Hell no!

I took a day leave from work today. It's my first leave evarr!! Wohooo! Hahah I went to school instead and handed in the leaving form and got my certs back. HECAS is next. =.=" It's so troublesome having to go back to school every time to get this done and then later going back again to get another thing done.

Now I have so many books from different universities in the UK that I need to get rid of. Anyone wants them? :D

I've been thinking a lot... about Urban Decay. :D Heee *guilty*

Sustainable Shadow box - USD36

XL primer potion - USD23

NYX jumbo pencil in Milk - USD3.50

The cost of purchasing these three lovely items plus shipping them to Brunei will easily cost me more than BND100. Which is basically like shooting my wallet with a Bazooka. I know for some people it's a piece of cake but this hard-earned cash is gained through you know, hard work. HAHA DOH. Lame.

Plus, shipping is like USD 27? Who the F*ck charges so much just for shipping these tiny items. Okay I know the primer potion is in XL size but it's TINY. In general. I guess...

UGH If only the USA is right beside Brunei. HAHAHA or at least let Brunei be in the middle of USA. Wouldn't that be fun? :D

Alright, let me just end this post with this:

Weird ass pic of me. HAHAHA

Much Love, Shely

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