February 26, 2010

The Body Shop Sale!

Hey people!! :D As you all probably know, the Body Shop is having a special sale today for their members. Normally in order to become a member, one has to buy their products first which are worth BND60 but for today you only need BND10! Yippie! Sad to say I've never been a member. Well not anymore!

Tadaa! Loves.

I thought I'll be salivating all over their makeup counter. Instead, I ended up wandering over to their lotion and body butter section. Omg I loveeeeee their body butter!!

Here's my haul ;)

Total af about BND124!! Guess how much the total cost WITHOUT the discount.


A difference of BND75.2! WTF right?!?

My satisfied look. HAHA

Oh oh! And... you get to choose one free gift! Between an ugly grey bag or this:

It looks strange I know but the quality is pretty good! And by itself, it costs around BND37 I think. No freakin' idea. I think it's growing on me coz I love it now~ :D I think I'll be using it where ever I go. Teehee...

In the evening we went to my cousin's home. Today is the first time I actually visit someone else's home since New year. And the celebration ends this sunday! *sad*

Oh well, at least I'm off from work tomorrow! This calls for another celebration... Nyeh heh heh heh...

Me and dad~

Body butter... I love u. xDD

Much Love, Shely

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