February 22, 2010

Wolfman and Urban Decay :D

Hey people! Last weekend was a fun one for me coz... I get to dance! :P This dance, that is:

Awesome... huh? Thanks, Ain for teaching us! xD Okay fine, it's kinda impossible for us to learn the whole dance moves in 1 day. But it's really fun, trust meeeeee!!

The day after me, Fatin, Vance and Shala (and my dad) went to UBD's open day. I'm thinking of majoring in Business admin and minoring in HRM & Leadership... I'm thinking of picking up a language too! Mandarin. xD I know I should be taking languages like French, Korean or Japanese instead of my own mother tongue, mandarin! But I feel like I don't know standard mandarin like I'm supposed to. I've never learnt mandarin like, professionally in school.

Oh yeah.

I got my Urban Decay Primer Potion in XL!!!!

It's freaking f*ckin' tiny.

Still, I heard this baby can lasts for months! So I guess I shouldn't complain but this UDPP sucked BND53 right out of my wallet. Daym...

Therefore, I shall treat it like gold.

I used em on my lids today and... NO CREASING!! Yayy~ this is exactly what I'm looking for in this product. Doh.

We also went to the mall...

Shala and Vance

Me and Fatin. :D

While we are at the mall, the idea of watching a movie spontaneously came into our minds so off we scurried to the cinema and we watched...


WhooooYeahh Babyy! This movie... meh. Hahaha Alright, it's not that bad but I thought Wolfman would actually look bigger and more animal like. Like a bent back and on all fours. This wolfman seems to be standing, walking and running on two feet for most part of the movie. =/

I'm actually looking forward to Alice In Wonderland. Out on 11th March... Someone's birthday heheeee

Much Love, Shely

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