March 29, 2013

MAC Studio Fix Fluid

MAC Studio Fix Fluid was one of the many foundations I've been dying to try for quite a while now. There are others, like the Urban Decay Naked foundation, Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation, Makeup Forever's Mat Velvet + and the list goes on. Anyway, I had the sales assistant match my skin to a suitable color and in the end, I brought home the Studio Fix Fluid in NC30. 

 MAC Studio Fix Fluid 

 MAC Studio Fix Fluid 

Before and after applying the foundation

I don't know about the other MAC foundations but this particular one I find has medium to full coverage. I'm surprised at how thick the consistency of this is, almost like a gel. Some people prefer using their fingers to apply foundation and I do it too sometimes but for this, I'd rather use a brush simply because I find it rather difficult to blend in to the skin using my bare hands. The Sigma F84 does the job perfectly I must say!

Sigma Angled Top Kabuki - F84

The downside to the MAC Studio Fix Fluid is it smells literally like paint! It's actually the worst smelling foundation I've owned so far. It's such a far cry from the pleasant smell of Skin79's Chiffon BB Mousse. To be honest, I'm not that fussy when it comes to scents in foundations although I do prefer them to be scentless. But this is MAC, it's not cheap! They really should at least get rid of the smell. 

Another thing, I broke out really badly after a couple weeks of using it. I don't know if you've heard but MAC foundations tend to break people out. I thought I wouldn't be one of them because I generally do not have sensitive skin. I'm still not sure if it's the foundation causing it or maybe it's because I need to wash my brush more frequently. Will definitely try washing the brush after each use of this foundation and see how it works out. 

Overall, this is a mediocre product for me. Not impressive but not too bad either. I like how the foundation sets onto the skin once you applied it. It also has a long staying power, averages about 4-6 hours for me which is more than enough. Even though it has a medium-heavy coverage, the finish is quite natural and it doesn't look nor feel cake-y at all! I don't even need my Garnier BB Eye Roll-On when I use the Studio Fix Fluid since it already covers almost every imperfection on my skin. If you wanna try the Studio Fix Fluid, I suggest you ask for a sample of the foundation if possible before purchasing just to test it out and see if your skin reacts to it. The MAC Studio Fix Fluid retails for RM118.

March 24, 2013

The weekends

Me and the girls have been going to Bukit Bintang almost every weekend now. We just love the environment there, especially outside Pavilion where all the people just sat and eat and drink. We can sit for hours in Starbucks and talk about nothing and everything till our asses become sore lol This weekend is no exception.


T-shirt from Uni Qlo, pants from Soda!

This was from a couple of weeks ago on International Women's day!

MAC's Archie's Girls still on display

Totally not the Archie I imagined 

 Me and Kenny! I stopped wearing my lens after I got the eye allergies. The pollution here is really something.

Beef ramen. To die for!!

My haul from that day. I love the shop Lovisa! It's an Australian brand I believe and their Jewelry is just too cute to resist!

 Dat ass... lol

Gorgeous fountain in front of Pavilion. They switched off the lights during earth hour but it's still pretty!

 Went to this side of Bukit Bintang where all the sexy masseuses are.  

Wanna try the food here some day!



 We are all Green Tea Latte addicts now lol

School is alright, one of our lecturers have a very short fuse and it's kinda scary coz he'd suddenly raise his voice in the middle of explaining something if someone's talking. "YOU DON'T MAKE ME ANGRY OK!" Then he'd go on explaining it's not good for his health to be angry because he was once a victim of stroke. Well, someone clearly needs some anger management therapy. The other two lecturers are pretty cool. I would totally take their courses if they're teaching in UBD.

March 20, 2013

MAC lipstick in Blankety

So... if you don't already know, I am a little obsessed with lipsticks. My last two beauty products have been that of lipstick and unfortunately for you, I am here tonight to review yet another lip product! I can't help it!! I'm starting to think I love lipsticks more than eyeshadows. (Hence the header with the girl and her lipstick!) And blushers too. Gotta love me some blush.

This time around, I was looking for a nude-ish lip product because I can't bring myself to wear Russian Red everyday. And since Midvalley is darn close to where I'm staying, I went there the most often and somehow landed on my feet right in front of the MAC store. Can I say oops? lol

MAC lipstick in Blankety

I just love the range of lipsticks offered by MAC! There are so many colors to choose from and I wanted to try them all! Even for nude colors, there's a bazillion types of nudes. Nude nude, nude pink, deeper nude pink, peachy nude. wtf man.. you're killing me! I was battling between Blankety and Creme Cup and in the end I chose Blankety just because I wanna save the best for the last (whatever that means).

MAC lipstick in Blankety

Blankety is an amplified lipstick and I don't see much of a difference between the amplified and cremesheen finish. I know cremesheen is supposed to be sheerer in color but they all work almost the same although I have to say amplified lipsticks is by far the most moisturizing lip product I've tried from MAC so far. Please don't quote me on that because I only have a very small collection of MAC lip products so I can't say for sure!

Me wearing Blankety on my lips

I don't know how to describe the color except that it's very very nude and I absolutely adore it! I know it makes me look kinda sick but ughh there's something about it I just can't resist! To be honest I like all kinds of lip colors as long as it suits my skin tone. Sometimes I even wish I could rock the bright neon pink Nicki Minaj wears so much.

Wearing Blankety on my lips.

 Pick up Blankety if you're looking for some really nude lipstick the next time you visit MAC. It's one of those lipsticks which you don't have to worry about bleeding or going out of your lip line and you can even put it on without a mirror. Provided you know where your lips are, of course. lol I love Russian Red but sometimes it's a hassle to remind myself not to smack my lips else I will literally transfer the lipstick to my chin. haha okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little but you get the gist. Blankety retails for RM68 at any MAC store/counter.

Here's a random OOTD that goes with the makeup:

I don't remember where we went actually. Been going out a tad too much these days lol

March 17, 2013

Future Music Festival Asia!

Yesterday night was the best night of my life! I knew I wanted to attend the Future Music Festival even before I flew here to KL but I wasn't sure who else is going and I would surely not go alone. Turns out Kim, Azna and Nana was going so I decided to tag along! Bought the tickets only a couple of days before the event and it was on.

Funny story actually, that late afternoon after class I decided to head over to Midvalley to get the tickets. It usually takes about 5 minutes to reach Midvalley from the Uni LRT. Just when we got on the bus it started pouring! Not the usual cats and dogs rain, but the angry, loud wind and crazy thunder rain! In the end it took us about an hour to reach the place! wtf seriously. We only went to the second day of the festival and the ticket is RM168. Totally worth it!!! I'd say it's pretty cheap considering you get to enjoy the performances of so many DJs and artists. Most importantly, you get to enjoy yourself!


 Decided to play up the lips. I've been breaking out REALLY badly these few days! I have a feeling it's the MAC Studio Fix Fluid that caused it. :(

 Upon reaching at 4.30pm, it was drizzling!

Trying our best to rock the garbage bags they call 'raincoats'

Thankfully, the rain stopped seconds after this photo is taken!

 Merchandise for sale! 

Shuk and Kim


The food camps right outside the entrance

Intan and Kim

Free ferris wheel rides for all

Music ain't only for humans...

Crowd's starting to pour in

I wish I could take a shot of this at night! Damn packed!

This dude pulled off his pants on the ride and started slapping his ass lol

Where Rita Ora, Temper Trap, Psy, Fun and Bloc Party performed

Taking a break from all the dancing

Psy is super nice, he performed Gangnam Style twice. First time so that we can take some pics and record videos and the second time for us to actually enjoy the performance.

Waited almost an hour (felt like an hour, could only be 30 mins) for Fun! Everyone screamed when this came on lol

Nate Ruess in all his awesomeness!

He also sung Fun's latest single called Why Am I The One and it's good!!! Listening to it now lol

About an hour or so before 2am, an incredible show of fireworks!

What is it about fireworks that are so mesmerizing? Can't take my eyes off of em!

We spent the last hour movin' and dancing to Prodigy's music at the Warrior's Dance arena near the entrance. You can seriously find all kinds of characters here in the field! One thing for sure is everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives! It's good that the night is so dark no one's able to see anyone's faces because I'm pretty sure we weren't looking as fresh as we did when we first arrived lol Now I'm left with nothing but nostalgic bitterness of this awesome night. This is what I call a night to remember!


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