March 3, 2013

Out and about in Times Square & Midvalley!

Next week is going to be our third week of the semester so tutorials will be starting soon. The education system in UM is slightly different but it is still more or less the same as UBD less the fact that the lecturers here don't exactly stick to one core textbook for each course. The notes are a little bit here and there so me and Kanniga is still trying to grasp the idea of not having any textbooks to refer to. We are that old school.

Anyways! This weekend is the best!! (I know I said the same thing in my last post but this week really is the best lol) Our classes are only on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. So on the other days we won't need to head over to UM for any classes, which is pretty awesome. This friday we went to Times Square, Saturday we went to Bukit Bintang and today we went to Midvalley - again!

We've been to Midvalley the most so far because it's closest to the place where we are staying but only today we found out that the Gardens was right next to Midvalley! If you don't already know, the Gardens is a shopping mall much like Pavillion, but just a tad smaller.

 My favorite place for snacks in Little Taipei at Times Square!

The mischievous Norain

 At this Shabu Shabu place in Times Square

My first time trying Subway. The line was really long, I panicked when the lady asked me which veggie I'd like in my sandwich so I told her whichever so she put everything in. -__- That was supposed to be Chicken Teriyaki btw

OOTD which consists of a blouse and 3/4 workout pants (and a pair of flip flops) lol

An event happening at Midvalley earlier

Lunch at Thai Up! 

Kenny's Tom Yam

Thai Green Curry. It's goooood!

The Gardens shopping mall which we just discovered lol

Kenny lits up when she saw this little corner in Marks & Spencer!

Biggest bookstore I've been in so far!

One of the many book sections at Borders

 My haul for today.
 Finally bought MAC's Studio Fix Fluid!

If you follow me on twitter, you might have came across my tweets saying I moved from Pantai Hillpark to Pantai Panorama! Pantai Hillpark is fine but the one we're staying in is in Phase 5 which is on top of a hill (more like a sahara desert on a mountain aka a sahara mountain) and we couldn't bring ourselves to walk up that hill every single day so we decided to move. Anyway, the view from my new apartment at Panorama is really spectacular. I'm so grateful to be able to see this every night and all I have to do is turn my head to the right. 

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