March 9, 2013

OOTD + trip to KLCC

Tutorials have officially started this week and apparently the degree here is about 3.5 years so for each semester, the locals here have to take more modules to fulfill their credits in order to graduate. The norm is 18-20+ modular credits each semester. And I took 12. lol

A few days ago we finally decided to explore KLCC using the LRT. We've been there twice since and still we haven't taken any pictures of the twin towers! All we did is shop indoors because the LRT stops inside the shopping mall itself so we didn't see a point of going outside the building. Definitely gotta go outside next time to take some photos of the most popular landmark in KL.

Top: Cotton On, Bottom: Soda

 We went to a lot of the clothing stores and I have already started to filter out the ones that I really like. Uni Qlo, Cotton On and Soda! Gap is nice too but it's so pricey! One T-shirt can go for RM99. Even if you convert it to BND it's gonna cost about B$40 which is still kinda ridiculous for a cotton T-shirt. The nicer ones are about RM160 at least. Forever21 is also quite pricey for the brand. I don't mind buying but it really turns me off when you see the price as RM120 let's say but the tag says 'Made in Bangladesh'. wtf

 A cafe steps away from the KLCC LRT

It was surprisingly crowded on Tuesday

At Sephora!

Laura Mercier


 Soap and Glory!

Kenny making herself busy while I shopped lol

My basket!

I wasn't sure if I wanna get the Naked Basics or the Naked 2 but I've always wanted the latter so I got that. The Stila and Too Faced palettes are quite affordable too at RM129 and RM139 respectively. There are so many things there that I wanted to try but I decided against it. Gotta have some self control else I will go mad!

Creative display by LV. The sales person in many of these luxurious stores are mostly men in suits and ties. Even the jewelry stores here have securities standing at the entrance holding big-ass rifles.


Had our lunch at one of their food courts there. The food here in KL is seriously yum! I have yet to try any food that is just blah.

 Mee hoon soup with real fish lol

Japanese Tau-hu w/ chix

We then resumed our jalan-jalan-ing..

 Heaven on earth!

View from the 5th floor

My haul at the end of the day. I also got the Stay matte foundation by Rimmel in Guardian. I know Bethany by Macbarbie07 used to swear by this foundation. I can't wait to try it out!


  1. finally you got your wishlist items, congrats on the Naked2 Palette :) Enjoy

    1. Hahah yes!! you still remember my wishlist items aa lol



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