March 24, 2013

The weekends

Me and the girls have been going to Bukit Bintang almost every weekend now. We just love the environment there, especially outside Pavilion where all the people just sat and eat and drink. We can sit for hours in Starbucks and talk about nothing and everything till our asses become sore lol This weekend is no exception.


T-shirt from Uni Qlo, pants from Soda!

This was from a couple of weeks ago on International Women's day!

MAC's Archie's Girls still on display

Totally not the Archie I imagined 

 Me and Kenny! I stopped wearing my lens after I got the eye allergies. The pollution here is really something.

Beef ramen. To die for!!

My haul from that day. I love the shop Lovisa! It's an Australian brand I believe and their Jewelry is just too cute to resist!

 Dat ass... lol

Gorgeous fountain in front of Pavilion. They switched off the lights during earth hour but it's still pretty!

 Went to this side of Bukit Bintang where all the sexy masseuses are.  

Wanna try the food here some day!



 We are all Green Tea Latte addicts now lol

School is alright, one of our lecturers have a very short fuse and it's kinda scary coz he'd suddenly raise his voice in the middle of explaining something if someone's talking. "YOU DON'T MAKE ME ANGRY OK!" Then he'd go on explaining it's not good for his health to be angry because he was once a victim of stroke. Well, someone clearly needs some anger management therapy. The other two lecturers are pretty cool. I would totally take their courses if they're teaching in UBD.


  1. looks like you're having lots of friends there. i havent tasted green tea latte.



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