March 16, 2013


Just a short one this time! Kenny, me and Norain went to Sogo recently and saw that they are having a huge sale! 70% off of Pop Soda and Voir clothing! 

No kidding guys...

This is serious sh*t lol

We didn't even bother to look at the items at first and went straight up to the first floor. Shopped for a good few hours and after having our early dinner we decided that we're strong enough to go through that chaos that has been happening on the ground floor since we walked in. Each of us ended up buying at least a few pieces and they are totally worth it! So worth it in fact, that me and Kenny went back the next morning at 10am sharp when they opened! 


I'm wearing Revlon's Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart Valentine!

 Btw, I think I found my holy grail stockings/leggings brand. Susoku is the best I've tried! Available in major department stores in Sogo, Parkson, Aeon.

Norain is looking extra pretty that day!


  1. Holy crap we should meet up or something!!! How long will you be in kl ?

    1. Are you in kl too? I will be here till June hehe

    2. Yes I'm actually working in cyberjaya :D



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