October 30, 2008

La stress

GP 1 and 2 plus Maths p1 on wednesday and B.studies2 today. Real tough. And i still watch the drama 'Monk' everyday.. T.T

My skin is really dry nowadays and i feel like i'm a snake or something. you know, the shedding of skin and all. its very annoying indeed. And i've been using a lot of the word 'indeed' these few days. I hope i'll return to feeling like a human soon. Alrighty, i guess i'm gonna hit the books now... zzzz =.=

October 27, 2008

you're driving me nuts

I've had a lot of PSs recently. Set 2,3 and 5. like 3 hours gone. I'm usually at the library, trying to get my fingers and toenails frostbitten. Its so cold and to make it worse, its raining everyday. Yeah, i know the exam's just round the corner but God need not add the dramatic effects for us. T.T But i do like gloomy weather, thank you very much. =)

I recently converted around 100 songs into mp3s and most of them are very nice. Lucky me! xD and oyeah, its confirmed. I'm going to temburong! yay... come on, can i get a 'whoo whoo'?? whatever. so yeah... please let it be fun. The last thing i need is a shitty holiday. -.-''

P.S.: If u keep acting that way, ure gonna lose all ur frens one day. And i can't wait for that day to arrive. YL.

Oh, and by the way, i'm finally getting my room back! YEEEEHAAW~ xP

October 26, 2008

Over and out

I've got like more than 10movies waiting for me and also gossipgirls s1, monk s1 and s2 in line. So many movies, so little time.

Anyways, went to bandar just now. sampat lgi tu... xD thanx for buying stuffs for me btw (sharn n shla) hehee... next time we try the yam gelato ah =D

Basketball matches all over again. but this time are all companies associated with BSP. i dont think i'm gonna watch it though... exam... darn.

Hopefully i'll get to go temburung this december (the environmental club's activities or something). its only a 3day trip and OGDC sponsored us. well, kinda. luckee...wohoo! i'm still not sure if i'm going..


October 24, 2008


I really need to learn how to be patient.

Breathe in...

Breathe out...

And i don't even know if i've spelt it correctly or not.

October 21, 2008


Its been a while since i last read people's blogs. so i started doing it again, smiling occasionally at the silly jokes my friends wrote. And then i saw it, after several blog hoppings later...


Interesting, huh? Apparently someone really hates the pjn hostel. Well, its not like we have a choice right? I mean, we can't choose the MKJB hostel instead.. Good thing i'm not staying there. My dad actually told me to stay there but obviously i refused, thinking that that hostel probably sucks anyway. (just what i heard from many ex-hostellites). I was right.

Its true though. I mean we can bring laptops, but not mobile phones. whats the difference? Okay, i better not elaborate my point of view. just in case. =D

Anyhows, i just wanna say that i'm proud of whoever opened that blog. It must have taken lotsa guts. xD or maybe none. lol. anger makes people do the craziest stuff, huh?

October 20, 2008

All for one and one for all

I watched the movie 'The man in the iron mask' last night. its a very touching story, eventhough its quite old. The movie was made in 1998 starring Leonardo Di Caprio. Hugh Laurie also starred in that movie, but his character was executed. xD Anyway, as u all know, its based on a real story. A legend actually... and i'm still wondering who he really is.

We 'celebrated' sharon's birthday too.. although her actual birthday is on tomorrow... The cake is custard cake. not bad at all. but i like yam one.. =D

I had a horrible dream last night. i think its coz i have a test today later and i haven't studied for it. at all. anyways i dreamt that i was gonna take that test and i totally forgot bout it. i even came late to class when everyone's halfway from finishing. i remember reading the paper and i have no idea what its talking about. like not english saja.. haha then the teacher saw me and scolded me for what i did on my paper. then i look back at it and there it was: a naruto cartoon that i 'drew' on the paper. -.-'' i was like how the hell did it get there!? worst dream ever T.T

October 16, 2008

What comes around goes around

Its raining cats and dogs right now. Like it has never rain before..

We had our first environmental club meeting just now in the afternoon and i'm surprised to see that quite many of the pre-u1s came. Its a good thing that there would be a Temburung trip for the members, its a good start for the club. Plus the fact that its partially subsidised by the government. not bad, not bad. But pleaseee don't let the t-shirt be white! T.T make it at least grey or something else la... xD

I heard that the warden at hostel threw a fcuking chair at my friend. i was like,'WTF?!?' when i first heard of it. And you know what the lame reason is?- the secondary students started rumours about pre-u students bringing hp to the hostel. SEKADAR. i mean, even if its true, why throw a chair? why dont the warden just throw herself at my friend. coz i believe thats what she wishes to do. ugh damn... im so ticked off. My friend wanted to complain and i totally support her. to hell with that woman who resorts to violence with students.

I actually have plans to go syeeda and zu's home. but i think i won't be going.. sorry girls.. oh yeah, kaeli too.. i Really wanna watch tumasek play against limbang players (talking bout bbl, as usual) but i have other plans.

P.S.: win the match, tumasek. muahahaha xD luub ur team!

October 13, 2008

what the ?!@


Today is pure torture for me. I went to nem fitness for some classes and we continued on through to the next class...yoga. -_-" well, at first i thought it was gonna be fun. Yoga, as we all know, is for the relaxation of our body and mind. something like that la. But the yoga today... wasai.. so far from all the bullshit i heard before. This yoga class makes me feel like i'm in a circus and is actually barked around to bend my body where its not suppose to bend. So doomed.And now i feel like all my veins putus already.
=.= whoever says its relaxing deserves a whack in the head.

I mean something like this. =P

Dreadin' tha mathafacka

There's like approximately 1 more week before the final exams. omygod.

must write it down to make me realise how critical time is. i especially dread b.stu and eco. i'm totally blank at eco, esp for the last few chapters. all crap to my mind. -.- i'm lost at b.stu too, coz no teacher teach and i dunno how to teach myself. damn..

oh yeah, wanna say sorry to my cuzzie for greeting him happy birthday when it wasn't his birthday that day. 10th of november is kinda confusing with 11th of october... opps..xD i wasn't the only one though, his friend even surprised him with a pizza and they even tapau ayamku for him. hehee.. =)

October 11, 2008

New freakin haircut =D

Yay!! Finally... okay, lets start my journey for today. After school, sharon picked me up and we went to Helen saloon. Here, i saw Lisa, GerGer and some other smsa gals. I think they're having some kinda function at sutera biru or something. I'm not satisfied actually, with what the hairdresser did to my hair. So we went home. and my mum modified it for me. heheehe =D love the way it looks now~

Looks short huh?

Its actually quite long like this one. xD muahahahaha i'm so clever!


hmm....what else what else... oh yeah, i just sign up for facebook. sorry to say, but i'm not really the type which is very up to date. sighhhh

October 10, 2008

You retard

I heard this amazing song from Jim. its nickelback's 'gotta be somebody'. i like the lyrics. Here's how the chorus goes:

Nobody wants to be the last one there
cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
someone to love with my life in their hands
There's gotta be somebody for me like that

Cause nobody wants to do it all on their own
And everyone wants to know the night alone
There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere
There's gotta be somebody for me out there

Anyways, went to Zaffy's house today along with Syahida and Lely. Before that i went to syahida's home and after that to Jim's. I like this really cute dessert Zaffy had. Its actually hard but when you eat it, it just melts in your mouth. Sweet! It's the first time i've actually eaten anything like that.. haha.. i know, sakai.

I'm gonna cut my hair tomorrow. I'm so excited! xD unfortunately, my hair turns out like shit half the time whenever i'm done cutting it. I'm still excited though! =D heehee.. it took me quite a long time thinking of this style. Coz apparently someone I knew cut her hair exactly the way i wanted it before. And i don't wanna look like her twin when i stand next to her. So yeah......................zzzz

My cuzzie did some piercings today on both sides of her ear. She's brave. She did 4 piercings, 2 on each side of the ear. Even i had not done anything like that before, in one day that is. Oh well... get well soon dear cuzzie ^^ (I mean your ears, I bet they rock)

October 8, 2008

Back to hell

I've been reading the storybook 'PS I love you' and i have to admit that it's quite good. the movie's great too. oyeah, thanx 4 lending the book to me jim. xD don prasan ah. hehehe (its better than pendragon 4 me hohoho =D).

So yeah. back to school. fuck. haha i mean, its great and all, seeing my friends again. but since we finished the syllabi, all the tests and revisions come to visit. so boring doing those things over and over again. pardon my broken english today. i'm tired...=.=

i heard that the AS students are having their exams next week. Bodidui... you guys are in deep shit. haha actually, i just wanna wish u guys all the best. xD i did plan to take AS too. but for next year's june. so kira i can relax first. Not.

went to my sis's colleague's home for her open house yesterday. she has a pretty home i must say. but i'm a loner there coz apparently, i knew no one. my sis just used me to accompany her but when we reached there.. wasai... didnt even knew i existed. how dare u.. -.-'' hope u can get married someday so i can take ur bedroom. then i modify it nice nice follow my taste. hmmph!! xD

October 6, 2008

A wreak

Its like 1am+ right now and i haven't zzz... as always. can't help it, i'm duing my essay. hehehee.. (innocent laugh) xD aiyah, the teacher bah. then after that do math again... haven't complete though. arrgh i don't care anymore!

Anyways, i went to bandar today. muahahaha.. walao... the traffic jam is like the worst jam ever. from my house here at lumut all the way to china ah. -.-'' okay, maybe not that far. but i think at least to danau there. so long. and i got carsick while we were still in lumut. so fast huh? xP damn... after reach telisai, its the other road which is jammed. teehee... padan muamu. =D but okay oso, coz we get to see new cars.. all those lexus, bmw the people nowadays are driving. not to mention the lengzais and etc(leng mois). =P

Continue my journey... reached bandar after 2hrs+ and another suprise. wasai.. the parking there at jaya si beh many. and its sunday. i think that is coz many ppl were rayaing and open-housing. bought myself some clothing and pumps. so happpie xD and i also bought a hair magazine. im still looking for ideas on what style i wanna cut. hmmm... anyhows, around 7pm we sent shala back to her jail at ubd then went home. reached my comfy comfy bedroom at 8pm+ xD

I hate u, monday.

October 4, 2008

It started out as a feeling

Feeling kinda lazy to blog nowadays...

There's still like, 2 more days before the school reopen and ive still got an essay to finish. Life is a bore..

Btw, PSB lost to SSM by only 1 point. dammit. i was so confident that PSB's gonna win. i saw many smsaians support SSM though. especially some of the seniors. sigh. well, i would have to wait for next year if i wanna watch them play again. The PSB's coach is damn funny though. xD u shoulda seen him during the match. lol. screaming and stuff haha..

Watched sweeney todd just now. man.. singing every few minutes. i'm actually quite dissapointed coz the blood and all the killings are so fakela.. esp when he slit the customer's throat. damn fake. also, the plot of the movie make me 'du lan' only. -.- coz everyone died in the end. sorry for the spoiler, for those of u who haven't watch it. but johnny depp's acting is perfect. as always. xD


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